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ELit Book Tip: Fatma Aydemir’s debut novel “Ellbogen”

Posted by Rainer Moritz | | filed under: ,

Is it possible, is it allowed? Can a convincing novel emerge when an author has barely gained perspective on current events? When she makes the characters think about Angela Merkel’s refugee policy ...

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France is this year’s Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Buchmesse

Posted by Katja Petrovic | | filed under: ,

France is this year’s Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Buchmesse. However, the recognition is not only for France, but also the French language including Francophone writers and publishers...

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Post-Yugoslav Literature and Fragile Communities

Posted by Saša Ilić | | filed under: ,

Yugoslavia has disappeared, but its spirit continues to live in works of fiction being written in its former territories, spanning “from the River Vardar to the Triglav mountain”...

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Note to the Newer Slovenian Film Adaptations

Posted by Gorazd Trušnovec | | filed under: ,

A brief overview of statistics shows that over 40% of all films produced between the inception of Slovenian cinematography after World War II and 1991 were literary adaptations. After Slovenia’s ...

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