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No to Clichés. On the German-speaking Reception of Drago Jančar’s Books. / Klischeeverweigerung. Über die Rezeption der Bücher Drago Jančars im deutschen Sprachraum.

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

The success of East European literatures in the German-speaking world has a direct correlation with expectations and – yes, also – clichés that German-speaking publishers conjure up about the East.

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Print publishers and young readers: stages of a difficult relationship

Posted by Henning Kornfeld | | filed under: ,

It’s a decline without precedence: the teen magazine “Bravo” – for decades this was like “Smash Hits” for German teenagers – today, on average, only reaches 140,000 readers per issue. Ten years ago ...

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Europe and the Man Booker International Prize

Posted by Judith Vonberg | | filed under: ,

On Monday evening, Han Kang was announced as the winner of the Man Booker International Prize for her novel The Vegetarian.

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Slovenian Authors and Publishers in Vienna – April 2016

Posted by Renata Zamida | | filed under: ,

Four late April evenings dedicated to Slovenian literature have enticed the Viennese audience with an exciting programme, with Slovenian works translated into German...

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Literature in the Smartphone age / Literatur in der Smartphone-Menschheit

Posted by Walter Grond | | filed under: ,

The European and American publishing managers and media agents attending the Publisher’s Forum Berlin 2016 ...

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