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European Literature Night 2014 (PART 1)

Posted by Rosie Goldsmith | | filed under: ,

It’s that time of the year again! It’s our 6th annual ‘European Literature Night’ (ELN) at the British Library in London.

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Sinnlose Debatten

Posted by Rainer Moritz | | filed under: ,

Manchmal ermüde ich mit einem Mal. Da springe ich aus dem Bett, nehme eine erquickende Wechseldusche, trinke einen Schluck Zitronensaft pur, dann tiefschwarzen Kaffee und scheine energieladen für den ...

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Writers and the Middle-class/ Literaten und bürgerliche Öffentlichkeit

Posted by Walter Grond | | filed under: ,

My memories of the arts festival, Styrian Autumn, in the 1980s have made me think of something significant that we’ve lost since then. I don’t think that the renowned literature symposia held there ...

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Posted by Rosie Goldsmith | | filed under: ,

I recently conducted a survey on your behalf.

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Steve Sem-Sandberg: Documentary fiction/ Dokumentarischer Roman

Posted by Vea Kaiser | | filed under: ,

At the European Literature Days 2013 Sandberg presented a short talk about the documentary novel and recounts anecdotes from his workshop. He spent a lot of time studying historical documents about ...

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The ‘European Union Prize for Literature’ at London Book Fair 2014

Posted by Rosie Goldsmith | | filed under: ,

I love literature festivals but – perhaps I’m odd – I also love book fairs! Admittedly, as a journalist and moderator, I don’t have to race around exhibition halls in flat shoes and a serious suit ...

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