Innovations in the digital field

The sobering development of the ebook market – judging by the autumn 2015 review by market leaders for many European book markets – does not amount to stagnating trends in the digital books field. Instead, it highlights two interesting questions: a) Is the review of market leaders about the decline in the ebook market accurate, and if so, what are the actual reasons for this? b) Which real (technical) trends exist in the field of digital publishing and the dissemination and reception of literature?
The focus is on the European transnational background to such questions. For example, what can be learned from trends on Scandinavian book markets for the Spanish or Italian context? Are there any opportunities for Polish or Czech writers in England or the US, if they translate their works themselves and market them here? Does it alter writing styles, if writers are increasingly becoming their own marketing managers via social media?

Innovations in the digital field

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