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European Literature Days 2017 | Thank you

The European Literature Days 2017, which were held from 16 to 19 November, have been successfully concluded. Our sincere thanks go to all participants who have contributed to the memorable experience, the exceptional atmosphere and the lasting results.

Rasha Khayat’s daily blog bulletins, which were posted online here during the European Literature Days, give an insight into the debates and programme highlights. Sergej Lebedew’s talk on “Fear Everywhere” was published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Presse, and the text will soon be published on the Literaturhaus Europa website. A press dossier will also be circulated online for readers to explore.

From 11 to 17 December, OKTO.TV will also broadcast eight film documentaries about the conversations and readings from the European Literature Days. These can be accessed later in the media library. In December 2017, the ebook will be published –  Literaturhaus Europa: Literatur Trends 2017(eds. Walter Grond and Beat Mazenauer). This book features texts and materials, which were presented at the European Literature Days symposium, for readers to enjoy browsing.