Keynote Texts

In addition to the blogs and dossiers, the observatory publishes longer texts from time to time which were either commissioned for the Europen Literature Days or made available by project partners and authors. These texts include essays, lectures, speeches, analyses and interventions which cover topics of the observatory.

Rüdiger Wischenbart (D): What’s Next? The Law of the Series. 

Katharina Hacker (D): A Tangled Web of Happiness. Complexity and Film

Sergej Lebedew (R): Fear

Pierre Alféri (F): Non sequitur. News from today.

Yuri Andruchowytsch (UA): Europe: a Culture on the World’s Edge?

Priya Basil (GB): The Fight for Europe. State of Exception, reloaded

Hans Christoph Buch (D): Memories Of Underdevelopment

Wilhelm Droste (D): In search of the future age

Mathias Enard (F): L’Europe a la beauté d’une arme

Aris Fioretos (SE): Europe: Fortress, Trauma and Dream

Christian Gasser (CH:  Graphic Novel

Walter Grond (A): Mediterranean Europe

A.L. Kennedy (GB): The Migrants

A.L. Kennedy (GB): This lack of art and this lack of humanity

Sigrid Löffler (A): Tales from the Indescribable Inferno

Beat Mazenauer (CH): Das ELit 2011 Buch als Entwurf

Efe Murad: Visuality, Non-Agency and Found Footage in heves: New Trends in contemporary Turkish Poetry (2003-2010)

Herta Müller (DE): Homesickness for future

Matthias Politycki (DE): The Authenticity of Digital Media

Jürgen Ritte (F): Gibt es eine europäische Literatur?

Brittani Sonnenberg (USA): Diary of the European Literature Days 2014

Steve Sem-Sandberg (SE):  Documentary Fiction

Aleš Šteger: A way out that is non-extant

Aleš Šteger (SL):  Against Phantoms

Peter Vermeersch (BE): Night Travellers



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