ELit Dossier April to June 2016

ELit Dossier April to June 2016

British writer Jamal Mahjoub, a guest at the European Literature Days 2015, tackles the question of the kind of self-image that Europe needs in view of the influx of refugees, terrorism and the shift to political right. (Create a new space ).

Copyright Controversy
Katja Petrovic continues the new blog series about the copyright debate with a description of the situation in France (Copyright laws in France ), Nicola Salomon follows on with a blog about Great Britain (Copyright in England and Wales).

Literary Trends in Europe
Ágnes Orzóy reports on an international conference in Budapest that focuses on literary ‘small’ languages (‘languages of limited circulation’ or ‘semi-peripheral languages’), the problem of translation and its importance for cultural transfer (A conference on translation and cultural transfer)

Aleksandar Hemon
Dijana Matković describes the importance of the works of Aleksandar Hemon in former Yugoslavia
(Aleksandar Hemon: Former Yugoslavia's worldwide literary great) , West Camel reports on the issue of reception in Great Britain (The Hemon Project – How the UK receives the work of a US-Bosnian writer).

Drago Jančar
Alen Širca considers the case of Drago Jančar and his importance in former Yugoslavia (Drago Jančar – celebrated in Slovenia and all across ex-Yugoslavia), Mathias Rambaud focuses on reception in France (Drago Jančar in France ),  West Camel looks at his reception in Great Britain (Fascinating and Awkward Merits – the UK’s reception of Drago Jančar) and Peter Zimmermann concentrates on the German-speaking context (No to Clichés. On the German-speaking Reception of Drago Jančar’s Books.)


Peter Handke
Saša Ilić’s blog about Peter Handke’s reception in former Yugoslavia continues the series on Austrian writers (Peter Handke. A Reception of a Literary Controversy ).


Beat Mazenauer reports on new projects in the Swiss literary scene
(Literary Scene in Switzerland – Victory for Dada! / Literaturszene Schweiz – Dada siegt!).

Christian Gasser reviews a major work among the current graphic novel publications (The Future was Yesterday ).

Rosie Goldsmith considers various initiatives in Great Britain to promote the popularization of European Literature (Our May Acronym Heaven: EU, EL, EUPL, ELIT, ELF, ELN, ACE & BL), in particular, she reports on a major event in London ( EUROPEAN LITERATURE NIGHT 2016).

Renata Zamida reviews Slovenian (women) writers (Slovenian Authors and Publishers in Vienna), about amazing ‘World Book Day’ in Barcelona ( World Book Day in Catalonia's Capital Barcelona – The Bookseller Event of the Year), Judith Vonberg considers the bias towards Europeans in the shortlist of writers for the Man Booker International Prize (Europe and the Man Booker International Prize) and West Camel writes on publishing two translations of Cré na Cille (Ó Cadhain’s Gift - an interview with John Donatich).


Innovation in the Digital Field                                              

Walter Grond reviews trends under discussion at the Publisher’s Forum Berlin: Literature in the Smartphone Age 

Henning Kornfeld reviews print magazines for young people and their fate (Print publishers and young readers: stages of a difficult relationship).

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