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Elit Booktip : Marion Messina, Faux Départ

Coming-of-age stories seem to be enjoying a revival. Today, however, education means studying at a university, writing CVs and motivation letters, jobbing under fixed-term contracts and, for those who are lucky enough, working under a permanent contract. Intrinsically, this kind of education isn’t meant to lead to the fulfilment of any young person.

ELit Book-Tip: Elizabeth Taylor: “Angel”

Elizabeth Taylor (born in 1912 in Reading; died in 1975 in Penn) was overlooked as a writer for a long while, even in Great Britain. Too much a stranger to London and its literary circles, she appeared too modest and looked after her husband and children too meekly without ever – in Virginia Woolf’s words – claiming a ‘room of her own’...

ELit Book-Tip: Giorgio Straten: “In Search of Lost Books”

The term Borgesian is overused. I cannot help, however, applying it to this brief, enigmatic volume. Scratch out the celebrated authors’ names – among them Plath, Lowry and Benjamin; Hemingway, Byron and Gogol – and the resulting palimpsest, a literary object in which the modernist master delighted, could itself be a lost volume from Borges’ oeuvre...

ELit Book-Tip: Jukuta Alikavazovic - Avancée de la nuit

Jukuta Alikavazovic ist in Frankreich bekannt für raffinierte Intrigen und ihre intensive Sprache. In ihrem neusten Roman, Avancée de la nuit geht es um Liebe, Krieg, Poesie, Erinnerung und Transmission vor dem Hintergrund des Jugoslawienkriegs, den die 38-jährige franko-bosnische Autorin zwar aus der Ferne, aber dennoch ganz nah miterlebte.