A collaborative project of Literaturhaus Europa with kremskultur

In 2019, in cooperation with kremskultur and the City Library and Mediathek Krems, Literaturhaus Europa launched a new programme of events with plenty to explore: unique places and architectural gems in Krems, which are not accessible to the general public; sounds by artists from Krems’ thriving music scene and the centrepiece of every evening is award-winning literature by European writers who read from their literary work and take time to meet an interested audience in special surroundings.

Thursday 12 March 2020 | 6 PM
Mazzetti Haus (Schürerplatz 8, Stein an der Donau

Reading: Milena Michiko Flašar (Vienna)
Music: Severin Endelweber (Krems an der Donau) and Gregor Reinberg (Vienna) 
Guided tour of the house and collection: Johann and Theresa Feilacher (Stein an der Donau)

Tickets EUR 12.-/10.-


Thursday 18 June 2020 | 6 PM
Ursula Kapelle  (Josef Fabergasse, Krems an der Donau) 

Reading: Marko Dinić (Vienna)
Music: Vesselsky // Kühn (Zöbing/Langenlois)
Guided Tour: Franz Richter (Krems an der Donau)

Tickets EUR 12.-/10.-


Thursday 22 October 2020
Schlosskapelle Mautern (Schlossgasse 12, Mautern an der Donau) 

Reading: Ana Marwan (Vienna)
Music: Volker Gallasch (Mautern an der Donau)
Guided tour: Karl Reder (Mautern an der Donau)

Tickets EUR 12.-/10.-







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