Opening of the European Literature Days 2021 – Travel Routes. On the Road to Be Free?

19.30 Along the Balkan Route
Keynote talk Najem Wali (Berlin)

followed by Robert Menasse (Vienna) in conversation with Najem Wali (Berlin)

20.30 Along the Silk Road

Peter Frankopan (Oxford) in conversation with Rosie Goldsmith (London)

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People have travelled for centuries along the Balkan Route, and ever since it has been a location to benefit from shared cultural experience as well as a place of war and displacement. Najem Wali’s reflections are nourished by personal encounters as well as his knowledge of the history of the Levant region. Do tragedies have limits, and can dreams be fenced in?



The Silk Roads have for centuries connected the Far East with Europe; they were the world’s lifeline before the emergence of western hegemony. Peter Frankopan is convinced that they will play this role again in future, and a new era is beginning. What does the emergence of a new world order mean for Europe?


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  1. Eröffnung der Europäischen Literaturtage 2021 – Reiserouten. Unterwegs, um frei zu sein?
    19:30 Uhr Entlang der Balkanroute: 
Eröffnungsvortrag Najem Wali (Berlin)
; anschließend Robert Menasse (Wien) im Gespräch mit Najem Wali (Berlin)
    20:30 Uhr Entlang der Seidenstraße: Peter Frankopan (Oxford) im Gespräch mit Rosie Goldsmith (London)

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