Thursday, November 22nd

Opening of the European Literature Days 2018 

How is the World Educated?
Robert Menasse in conversation with Richard David Precht

Tickets: EUR  10,-/8,- 

In 2013, Germany’s renowned philosopher Richard David Precht caused controversy about the education system with his book Anna, School and God. How our School System is Betraying Our Children. His thesis: instead of encouraging children to develop curiosity, creativity, originality, orientation and team spirit to cope with an increasingly complex world, they were drilled to become conformist bores.

In his two-volume history of philosophy, Precht presented his arguments in a wider historical context. He showed how down the ages human individuals learned to comprehend the world around them. Since the Renaissance, they focused on inner emotions and tried to make sense of personal feelings and thoughts. Finally, modern man asks what is real about reality and whether he should continue to act morally as well as how he can envisage a fair society.

In this stimulating context, Robert Menasse hosts his ELit conversation series with Richard David Precht and tackles a highly topical question in the light of technical advances and artificial intelligence: How are people educated? What defines a person and makes him unique?

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