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Save the Date 2022: European Literature Days 17. – 20.11.2022 "Comedy and Crisis"

For almost fifteen years, the European Literature Days (artistic director: Walter Grond) have brought together international writers and literature enthusiasts in Krems on the Danube to discuss current topics and stimulate debate. In the end of november Krems an der Donau becomes a meeting place to get to know European literature. Writer Q&A sessions with international authors, book talks, readings, workshops, art-historical excursions as well as events with gourmet food and musical recitals are part of next year’s agenda for an inspirational and versatile festival programme.The festival closes with a presentation to the current prize-winner of the Honorary Award of the Austrian Book Trade for Tolerance in Thought and Action.

This year Comedy and Crisis are the leitmotifs of numerous readings, talks and performances with  Natalka Sniadanko, Mircea Cărtărescu, Theresia Enzensberger, Hervé Le Tellier, Dana von Suffrin, Barbi Markovic, Alenka Zupančič and Miljenko Jergović, this year's prize-winner of the Honorary Award of the Austrian Book Trade for Tolerance in Thought and Action, among many others.

The European Literature Days will take place from November 17 to 20, 2022. Please save the date.

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European Literature Days 18. – 21.11.2021 "Travel Routes. On the Road to Be Free", Krems an der Donau

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Travel Routes. On the Road to Be Free?
What motivates our fascination for travel routes, and how do literary texts influence and define our perception of these routes? What do historically established travel routes symbolize, like the Silk Road, the Balkan Route or Route 66, and what up-to-date issues do we associate them with? What is real and imagined about them? What travellers’ dreams, hopes as well as fears are they associated with? And finally: what can we learn from this in relation to the debate about freedom to travel that ignited during the corona-lockdown?
What else do we appreciate and learn from literature which was associated since Homer’s Odyssey with the aspiration for freedom of movement and gaining knowledge? Why do travellers decide on a particular route? What lesson do they obtain from broadening their horizon – whether geographically, temporally or within themselves?
All these questions highlight one central and politically controversial debate of our time, namely about freedom of movement and its related issue of open and closed borders. The restriction of travel freedom emerged in 2020 as a main focus of the debate about the western perception of leading a free life, when suddenly it was not just migrants and job seekers but also the affluent middle-classes who were affected by travel restrictions. And all of this coincided with the ecological disaster that was largely triggered by the worldwide unlimited and widescale transport of people and goods during recent decades.
Do closed and open borders point to a universal basic propensity for our ideas, sentiment and ambition? Is unrestricted travel in itself an expression of the urge for unlimited freedom?
The European Literature Days 2021 pose all these questions to international writers and philosophers, while inviting them to present talks, engage in conversation, give readings, enjoy concerts and last but not least to get together for an inspirational meeting with an enthusiastic audience at the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche.


The 12th European Literature Days "More Wilderness!" 19.–22.11.2020, due to corona safety precautions, were being held online and broadcast as a live-stream event. The keynote topic “More Wilderness!” inspired international writers from different cultural contexts to ask questions, for example, What forms of wilderness exist? What do we fear? What personal experiences do we have beyond our social contacts?

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European Literaturdays 2019: November, 21.-24.  (Krems an der Donau)

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European Literaturdays 2019: November, 21.-24.  (Krems an der Donau)

What defines a ‘good life’?

Since 2005 the European Literature Days are an outstanding literature festival which is held every autumn. In the unique ambiance of Wachau, Europe’s leading literary personalities meet for a weekend of networking and exchange of ideas. An interested audience engages with European literature and meets internationally renowned writers as well as enjoying the exceptional hospitality of Wachau. >> PROGRAMME 2019


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European Literature Days 2016: 03.-06. November: The Colonizers
Le programme des 8es Journées européennes de Littérature (3-6 novembre 2016, Krems et Spitz a.d.Donau) est prêt.

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