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ELit Literaturehouse Europe establishes a network of literature institutions that expand their own sphere of activity with the addition of a European dimension to their dissemination of literature.

Beletrina – Academic Press
“In its 17 years, Beletrina has become an important Slovenian cultural organisation; it is a central meeting point and source of literary life with its domestic and translated literary program. In addition to the publishing activities, they prepare renowned cultural and artistic actions, literary and film schools, artists’ residencies at home and abroad, exhibitions and musical evenings.”

Beletrina, zavod za založniško dejavnost
Borštnikov trg 2
SL-1000 Ljubljana
T: (+386 1) 200 37 00
F: (+386 1) 252 26 18
E: info@zalozba.org

ELit program director: Aleš Šteger


European Cultural Foundation Budapest

“As a former National Committee of the Amsterdam based European Cultural Foundation, our main priority is to develop the European cultural cooperation,  to represent the European cultural heritage in a country at the beginning of its efforts to get integrated into Europe. We help the cooperation of cultural activists and mediators from different cultural fields and function as a mediator between local, regional and pan-European cultural initiatives.”

Európai Kulturális Alapítvány, Budapest
H-1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 19.
Phone/fax: (+36 1) 351 9543
e-mail: ecf.budapest@gmail.com

ELit program director: Eva Karadi


Literaturhaus Hamburg

“The Literaturhaus (literature centre) at Schwanenwik organises literature events for the inhabitants of Hamburg. The focus is upon contemporary German and international literature although the history of literature also forms an important part of the programme. The majority of events are readings followed by literary exhibits and presentations. In addition, Literaturhaus is home to a wide range of lectures and discussions on literary, cultural and culture politics. A children’s and youth program is aimed at reading promotion and competence among children and young adults. This includes readings and writing workshops. Literaturhaus is both a framework for the development of literature and a meeting point and centre for literary culture in Hamburg.”

Literaturhaus e.V.
Schwanenwik 38
GE-22087 Hamburg
T: (+49) 40.22 70 20 11
F: (+49) 40.2 20 66 12
E: info@literaturhaus-hamburg.de

ELit program director: Rainer Moritz


Sounds Right London

“Sounds Right is a trading Partnership between Max Easterman and Rosie Goldsmith (“the partners”), accepted as such by the UK Tax Authority. Sounds Right is active in the artistic and creative industries.The Partnership is registered with HM Customs and Revenue in the UK for the purpose of VAT (Value-Added Tax) under the name of Max Easterman, who set up the Partnership in December 2008; prior to that date, the VAT registration applied to him only, as a ‘sole trader’ and as Sound Advice.
Rosie Goldsmith and Max Easterman  are both specialists in the fields of Media, Communication, Journalism, Presentation Training, PR and Consultancy. We have long international and domestic experience as broadcasters (with the BBC) and also curate and chair events.”

Sounds Right
94 Goldsmith Avenue
W3 6HW
Tel:   +44 (0) 20 – 8992 9004
Cell: +44 (0) 7768 – 660278

ELit program director: Rosie Goldsmith


Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3

“The main focus of our university lies in the field of modern languages and cultures, and, on the other hand, in the field of media and communication. Prof. Jürgen Ritte who ist responsiblefor the project management is director of the postgraduate study course “Master de journalisme européen” at the Sorbonne Nouvelle since 1999; director of “Etudes franco-allemandes” (Licence) at the Sorbonne Nouvelle since 2001. “Directeur adjoint” of the Research Group “Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur l’Espace Germanophone – CEREG” (EA 4223) at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. Member of the board of the Research School EDEAGE (ED 514) at Sorbonne Nouvelle University.”

Université  Sorbonne Nouvelle -Paris 3
F-17, rue de la Sorbonne
75230 Paris Cedex 05
Tél : /
Fax :

ELit program director: Jürgen Ritte



eljub European literature youth meetings

„The European literature youth meetings for young people from Danube region countries develop innovative forms of communicating literature. Young adults learn about Europe’s shared heritage through the study of literature. The programme raises awareness about the new opportunities of digital authorship, reading, publishing and communicating literature and motivates young people to become active in their own milieu.“

p&s melk
Donaulände 23
A-3642 Aggsbach Dorf
T: ++43 (0) 664 / 4631138
E: v.trubel@gmail.com

Director: Veronika Trubel

The proposal is to find new ways of working and networking Europe … in a growing network …

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