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Sjón, b. 1963, is an Icelandic writer and artist. He became famous for his song lyrics for Björk, in particular for Lars von Trier’s film Dancer in the Dark. He was a member of the Surrealism, Punk, Dada and Poetry performance group, Medúsa. Sjón lived for several years in England and The Netherlands, before returning to Reykjavík. He received the Nordic Council Literature Prize for his novel The Blue Fox. Latest publication in German: CoDex 1962, 2020.
“Nobody combines head and heart more poetically than SJÓN.”


Franzobel, b. 1967, is one of the most popular and popularizing Austrian writers. He is the recipient of several awards, including the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, the Nestroy Prize and the Arthur Schnitzler Prize. His plays were performed among others in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, France, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Russia and the U.S. To date translations are available in 23 languages.

Franzobel, geb. 1967, ist einer der populärsten und polarisierendsten österreichischen Schriftsteller. Er erhielt mehrere Auszeichnungen, darunter den Ingeborg-Bachmann- Preis, den Nestroy-Preis und den Arthur-Schnitzler- Preis. Seine Theaterstücke wurden unter anderem in Mexiko, Argentinien, Chile, Dänemark, Frankreich, Polen, Rumänien, der Ukraine, Italien, Russland und den USA gezeigt. Übersetzungen liegen bislang in 23 Sprachen vor.

Patricia Portela

Patricia Portela
b. 1974, is a Portuguese writer, performer and filmmaker. She accomplishes her transdisciplinary artistic projects in Europe, USA and the Middle East. She has been director of the Teatro Viriato in Viseu since 2020. Recently published: Dias úteis, 2017.
Patricia Portela asks with her unique power of imagination: what causes us to sell our soul nowadays??
Carlos Vaz Marques, Livros do Dia

Marguerite Abouet

Until the age of 12 Marguerite Abouet spent her childhood in Ivory Coast and then moved to Paris. Her book series Aya is one of the most successful comics in France and has been translated into many other languages. The story of the three adolescent girls growing up in the late 1970s in Africa has also been animated as a movie.
Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.

Yvan Alagbé

Born in Paris, raised in Benin and Paris, Yvan Alagbé met Olivier Marboeuf in 1990. Marboeuf studied biology and mathematics and Alagbé studied mathematics and physics. They ventured into the alternative comics scene, and created the Dissidence Art Work association in 1991. From 1992, they made L'Oeil Carnivore, a fanzine about comics, litterature, music, cinema and painting. Their first big project, Ville Prostituée, drawn by Alagbé and written by Marboeuf, was published by Vents d'Ouest in 1993. Afterwards, they founded their own publishing house, Amok, and began the alternative comics review Le Cheval sans Tête.

Yvan Alagbé wurde in Paris geboren und ist dort sowie in Benin aufgewachsen. 1990 traf er während des Mathematik- und Physikstudiums auf Olivier Marboeuf und gemeinsam wagten sie sich in die alternative Comicscene vor. 1991 gründeten sie die Dissidence Art Work Association und ab 1992 brachten sie L'Oeil Carnivore, ein Fanzine über Comics, Literatur, Musik, Kino und Malerei heraus. Ihr erstes Großprojekt, Ville Prostituée, gezeichnet von Alagbé und geschrieben von Marboeuf, wurde 1993 von Vents d'Ouest herausgegeben. Später gründten die beiden ihren eigenen Verlag, Amok, und gaben das alternative Comic Magazin Le Cheval sans Tête heraus.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmer der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Pierre Alféri

Pierre Alféri is a French writer, poet and essayist. He is amongst the most innovative voices in France. Alféri is also well known for his experimental films and theatre studies, visual poetry and tone pieces as well as for his picture books and posters (see The artist’s versatility is revealed in numerous exhibitions, film shows and performances of his works both at home and abroad. Since 2007, Pierre Alféri has taught literature at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Pierre Alféri ist ein französischer Autor, Dichter und Essayist. Er zählt zu den innovativsten Stimmen aus Frankreich. Außerdem ist er für seine Experimentalfilme, Theaterstudien, Visuelle Poesie, Tonstücke, Bilderbücher und Poster bekannt (siehe Seine künstlerische Vielseitigkeit war in zahlreichen Ausstellungen, Film Shows und Performances im In- und Ausland zu sehen. Seit 2007 unterrichtet Pierre Alféri auch Literatur an der École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Ghayath Almadhoun

Ghayath Almadhoun, geb. 1979, ist ein palästinensisch schwedischer Dichter und Filmemacher. Er studierte an der Universität Damaskus, wanderte 2008 nach Schweden aus. Seine Gedichte wurden in zahlreiche Sprachen übersetzt. Zuletzt auf Deutsche erschienen: Ein Raubtier namens Mittelmeer, 2018.
"Seine Gedichte sind getragen von Drastik, Absurdität und einer großen stilistischen Sensibilität. Sie führen die syrische Katastrophe vor Augen und verteidigen zugleich Menschsein und Individualität.“
Andreas Fanizadeh, Weltempfänger

Ghayath Almadhoun, b. 1979, is a Palestinian and Swedish poet and filmmaker. He studied at Damascus University and emigrated to Sweden in 2008. His poems have been translated into numerous languages. His most recent book in German: Ein Raubtier namens Mittelmeer, 2018.
“His poems are sustained by radicality, absurdity and great stylistic sensitivity. They visualize the Syrian disaster and at the same time defend humanity and individuality.”
Andreas Fanizadeh, Weltempfänger

Fabio Andina

Fabio Andina, b. 1972, is a Swiss writer. He studied film theory and screenwriting in San Francisco; he currently lives in Ticino. Published in German: Tage mit Felice, 2020.
“What have the days done with the narrator? We don’t find out. And what about us? What is essential? Enough to eat, a warm dwelling, some company, a book?”
Katja Lückert, Deutschlandfunk

Juri Andruchowytsch

Juri Andruchowytsch was born in 1960 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. He is considered the leading contemporary Ukrainian writer. He writes poems, prose, essays and translates from German and Polish. In 1985 he co-founded the legendary literary performance group "Bu-Ba-Bu" (Burlesk-Balagan-Buffonada). His books are translated into many languages. He was awarded the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding and the Goethe Medal.

Gabriela Babnik

Gabriela Babnik, geb. 1979, ist eine slowenische Schriftstellerin, Literaturkritikerin und Übersetzerin. Sie lebte einige Jahre in Nigeria und schrieb ihre Masterarbeit über nigerianische Literatur. Ihr Werk wurde u.a. mit dem Literaturpreis der Europäischen Union ausgezeichnet.
Buchpublikation auf Englisch:Dry Season, Istros Books London 2015

Gabriela Babnik, b. 1979, is a Slovenian writer, literary critic and translator. She lived for several years in Nigeria and completed her Master’s thesis on Nigerian literature. The European Union Literature Prize is among the many accolades for her work.
English book publication: Dry Season, Istros Books London 2015

Mark Baczoni

Mark Baczoni was born in Budapest and grew up in London. He studied in Cambridge and Budapest, and translates both prose and poetry from Hungarian and French. He is the translator of Alexander Lénard's Stories of Rome and Jenő Rejtő's The Fourteen Carat Car (both Corvina, Budapest). His translations of Péter Závada’s poems appeared in The White Review and Cordite. He has contributed fairytales by Elek Benedek to Asymptote's Translation Tuesdays and Exchanges Magazine, and was also involved with a Modern Poetry in Translation workshop on János Pilinszky’s Quatrain. He is one of the editors of Hungary's leading English-language literary portal, Hungarian Literature Online (

Mark Baczoni wurde in Budapest geboren und wuchs in London auf.Er studierte in Cambridge und Budapest und übersetzt heute Prosa und Lyrik aus dem Ungarischen und Französischen ins Englische. Er ist Redakteur von Ungarns führendem englischsprachigen Literaturportal Hungarian Literature Online (

Peter Balko

Peter Balko, b. 1988 in Lučenec/Lošonc, is a Slovakian writer. He is well-known as a screenplay writer and has won many awards for his debut novel. Published in German: Zusammen sind wir unbesiegbar, 2020.
“Myths and cheeky children’s pranks, sadistic Nazis and his grandparent’s love story – it’s impressive how Peter Balko interweaves the most diverse set pieces as building blocks for his Slovakian Macondo.”
Wolfgang Popp, Ö1 Kulturjournal

Jaroslav Balvin

Jaroslav Balvin, born 1981, Czech writer and journalist. He is Editor-in-chief of

Jaroslav Balvin, geboren 1981, tschechischer Autor und Publizist. Er ist Chefredakteur von

Priya Basil

Priya Basil, geb. 1977, ist eine britisch-indische Schriftstellerin. Sie wuchs in Kenia auf, studierte in Großbritannien und lebt heute in Berlin. Basil ist Mitbegründerin von Authors for Peace. Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Gastfreundschaft, 2019.
„Dass es gerade in Zeiten von Migration und neuem Nationalismus gut und wichtig ist, sich über die Bedeutung von Gastfreundschaft zu verständigen, ist … der zentrale, nie pädagogisch vorgetragene, sondern ganz selbstverständlich mitschwingende Gedanke der in Berlin lebenden Autorin“
taz. die tageszeitung

Priya Basil, b. 1977, is a British-Indian writer. She grew up in Kenya, studied in Great Britain and now lives in Berlin. Basil is a co-founder of Authors for Peace. Her latest book in German: Gastfreundschaft, 2019.
“The idea that especially in times of migration and the upsurge of nationalism, it is good and proper to publicize the importance of hospitality is ... the prevailing, never educationally pronounced, though entirely natural and sympathetic idea of the Berlin-based writer”
taz. die tageszeitung

Priya Basil

Priya Basil
b. 1977, is a British-Indian writer who grew up in Kenya and now lives in Germany. She is co-founder of Authors for Peace. She regularly writes for Lettre International and various daily newspapers. Recently published in German: Im Wir und Jetzt. Feministin werden, 2021.
.... If the whole world digested ‘Be My Guest’, we’d be OK. ... Chauvinists, xenophobes, climate change deniers – inhospitable people the world over – will detest her compellingly beautiful book.
Alexander Gilmour, The Financial Times

Lana Bastašić

Lana Bastašić
b. 1986, is a Bosnian writer. She is editor of the Spanish literature magazine Carn de cap and co-founder of 3+3 sisters, a project that promotes writers from the Balkans. She was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature in 2020. Recently published in German: Fang den Hasen, 2021.

With captivating language between rebellious defiance and biting humour, Bosnia’s exciting literary shooting star, Lana Bastašić, tells the story in “Fang den Hasen” of an extraordinary friendship amidst the turmoil of Yugoslavian history.
Fischer Verlag

Klaus Bittner

Klaus Bittner studied special educational needs, art history and history in Cologne and Bonn, training apprenticeship at the bookstore Buchhandlung Walther König and founder of the bookstore Buchhandlung Klaus Bittner in 1980. Co-organization of festivals, co-founder of the Literaturhaus Cologne and advisor to the LitCologne international literature festival.
Klaus Bittner, Studium der Sonderpädagogik, Kunstgeschichte und Geschichte in Köln und Bonn, Lehre in der Buchhandlung Walther König, 1980 Gründung der Buchhandlung Klaus Bittner. Beteiligung an der Organisation von Festivals, Mitgründer des Kölner Literaturhauses, Berater der LitCologne.

Philipp Blom

b. 1970, is a German writer, historian, journalist and translator. He worked in London and Paris and now lives in Vienna as a programme creator for the public broadcaster ORF.
“Blom is a marvellous narrator. His insights from the economy to technology including cultural history are more far-reaching than his counterparts, and he is a brilliant dramaturge of his material.”
Martin Ebel, Tages-Anzeiger

Karina Boehm

Karina Böhm, born 1980, studied Scandinavian languages and is the owner of Skandibok, an online shop for nordic literature.

Karina Böhm, geb. 1980, Skandinavistik-Absolventin und Inhaberin von Skandibok, dem Webshop für nordische Literatur.

Szilárd Borbély

Szilárd Borbély was a Hungarian poet (1963 - 2014). He is one of the most important authors of contemporary Hungarian literature.

Szilárd Borbély war ein ungarischer Lyriker (1963 - 2014). Er zählt zu den bedeutendsten Autoren zeitgenössischer Literatur in Ungarn.

Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg

Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg, director of drehbuchFORUM Wien (Screenwriters Forum Vienna) film curator, publicist and filmmaker. She has studied psychology and sociology in Vienna, Paris, and Salzburg. Several workshops on Script consulting with Linda Seger, Linda Aronson et al. and Sources 2 Mentors Training. Graduated from Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Films (2016-18). She has worked for the Austrian independent film distribution sixpackfilm from 1993 to 2004, then she curated numerous film programs as a freelance curator in Austria and abroad (such as, Phantome. Metamorphosen. Animismus im Film for the Generali Foundation Vienna; Österreich. Form verlässt Norm. Heimat geht fremd.; Women and Madness in Film; Hommage to Anne Charlotte Robertson) and was also active as film educator and on several juries at Austrian and international film festivals. She is co-editor of the book Gustav Deutsch. Filmemacher, 2010-2013 Head of the Diagonale Film Industry Meeting (Festival of Austrian Films), Board Member of FC GLORIA Women's Film Network and Synema - Gesellschaft für Film und Medien and part of the FIDLAB selection committee in Marseille and mentor for Ex-Oriente. Initiator and Curator of the FC Gloria Cinema Salons. 2016 she initiated the ongoing screenwriters award If she can see it, she can be it – Female characters beyond clischées). Based in Vienna, Austria.


Hans Christoph Buch

Hans Christoph Buch, b. 1944, is a German writer and journalist. He is regarded as one of the leading German travel writers and intellectuals with regard to post-colonialism and literature. He taught German literature in New York, Texas, California, Havana, Buenos Aires, Beijing and Shanghai, published reportages from war and conflict regions as well as a novel trilogy about Haiti. His autobiographical novel Sechs Arten das Eis zu brechen was published in July 2016.

Hans Christoph Buch, geb. 1944, ist ein deutscher Schriftsteller und Journalist. Er gilt als einer der bedeutendsten deutschen ReiseschriftstellerInnen und Intellektuellen in Bezug auf Literatur und Postkolonialismus. Er unterrichtete deutsche Literatur in New York, Texas, Kalifornien, Havanna, Buenos Aires, Peking und Schanghai, publizierte Reportagen aus Kriegs- und Krisengebieten sowie eine Romantrilogie über Haiti. Sein autobiographischer Roman Sechs Arten das Eis zu brechen erschien im Juli 2016.

Ondřej Buddeus

Ondřej Buddeus, b. 1984, is a Czech writer, translator and editor. In the Czech Republic and abroad he has appeared with various event formats. He regularly collaborates with other artists and tries to place poetic texts in an “extended field”. In the context of his literary project a me, published both as a book and online, he developed a multimedia theatre performance as well as installation (Steirischer Herbst 2012). In autumn 2016, his graphic novel Kopf im Kopf will be published in German translation.

Ondřej Buddeus, geb. 1984, ist ein tschechischer Schriftsteller, Übersetzer und Herausgeber. Mit unterschiedlichen Veranstaltungsformaten tritt er in Tschechien und im Ausland auf. Regelmäßig arbeitet er mit anderen KünstlerInnen zusammen und versucht dichterische Texte im „erweiterten Feld“ zu platzieren. Im Rahmen seines literarischen Projekts a me – erschienen sowohl als Buch wie auch online – entwickelte er eine multimediale Theateraufführung sowie eine Installation (Steirischer Herbst 2012). Sein Graphic Novel Kopf im Kopf erscheint im Herbst 2016 in deutscher Übersetzung.

Zsófia Bán

Zsófia Bán, b. 1957, is a Hungarian writer, essayist and literary and art critic. Raised as the child of Jewish parents in Brazil, in 1969 the family returned to Hungary. She studied English and Romance Studies in Budapest, Lisbon, Minneapolis and New Brunswick. She has worked in film studios, as an exhibition curator and now teaches American Studies in Budapest. A recipient of numerous awards.

Zsófia Bán, geb. 1957, ist eine ungarische Schriftstellerin, Essayistin und Literatur- und Kunstkritikerin. Sie wuchs als Kind jüdischer Eltern in Brasilien auf, 1969 kehrte die Familie nach Ungarn zurück. Sie studierte Anglistik und Romanistik in Budapest, Lissabon, Minneapolis und New Brunswick. Sie arbeitete in Filmstudios, war Ausstellungskuratorin und lehrt heute Amerikanistik in Budapest. Ihr Werk wurde vielfach ausgezeichnet.

West Camel

West Camel is a writer, reviewer and editor. He edited Dalkey Archive’s Best European Fiction 2015, and is currently working as a freelance editor and writer for new press Orenda Books, Yale University Press and other organisations.

West Camel ist Schriftsteller, Kritiker und Redakteur. Er redigierte Dalkey Archives Best European Fiction 2015, und arbeitet derzeit als freier Redakteur und Schriftsteller für new press Orenda Books, Yale University Press ua.

Arno Camenisch

b. 1978, is a Swiss writer who is bilingual in Rhaeto-Romanic and German. He composes prose, poetry as well as being a playwright.
“This entirely unique language of Camenisch’s narratives is enchanting from the very first thanks to its poetry. It leaves addicted readers.”
Saarländischer Rundfunk

Rafael Cardoso

Rafael Cardoso, born 1964, is a Brasilian writer and art historian. His works of fiction include O Remanescente (2016), Entre as Mulheres (2007), Controle Remoto (2002) and A Maneira Negra (2000), all published in Brazil. He is the author of numerous books on the history of Brazilian art and design and is also active as an independent curator. He has taught at universities in Brazil and Germany, including Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg Universität and Freie Universität Berlin.

Rafael Cardoso, geb. 1964, ist ein brasilianischer Schriftsteller und Kunsthistoriker. Er unterrichtete an Universitäten in Brasilien und Deutschland, u.a. an der Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, der Universität Hamburg und der Freien Universität Berlin. Er schrieb zahlreiche Bücher über die Geschichte Brasiliens und ist auch als Ausstellungskurator tätig. Seine Romane sind ins Deutsche übersetzt.

Zuletzt auf Deutsch: Das Vermächtnis der Seidenraupen. Geschichte einer Familie, Fischer Verlag 2016

Léa Cassagnau

Léa Cassagnau was born in 1996. She is studying for a master's degree in comparative literary studies at University Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle. Léa Cassagnau est née en 1996. Elle est étudiante en master de littérature comparée à l'Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Polly Clark

Polly Clark, b. 1978 in Toronto, is a British-Canadian writer who writes on a house boat in London. She worked as a zookeeper and travelled to the Russian taiga for her novel Tiger. Published in German: Tiger, 2020.
“… Clark writes with a poet’s ear and a naturalist’s eye, and has a deep grasp of the profound contract between indigenous peoples and the beasts they revere. She never loses sight of the endangered creature that forms the beating heart of a passionate, remarkable and uplifting novel.”
The Guardian

Marente de Moor

Marente de Moor, geb. 1972, ist eine niederländische Schriftstellerin und Journalistin. Sie lebte acht Jahre lang in Russland. 2014 wurde sie mit dem Literaturpreis der Europäischen Union ausgezeichnet. Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Aus dem Licht, 2019.
„Was für ein Schreiben! … So wird Geschichte zu einer quicklebendigen Angelegenheit. De Moors Stil passt hervorragend zum Thema.“
De Groene Amsterdamer

Marente de Moor, b. 1972, is a Dutch writer and journalist. She lived for eight years in Russia. She was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature in 2014. Her latest book in German: Aus dem Licht, 2019.
“What amazing writing! ... This is how history becomes a lively affair. De Moor’s style is exceptionally well suited to the subject.”
De Groene Amsterdamer

Mathijs Deen

Mathijs Deen
b. 1962, is a Dutch writer and radio journalist. He published collections of his radio columns, short stories and novels. Recently published in German: Über alte Wege, 2019.
The reader involuntarily joins in with the journeys that his characters embark on – and so, just as the title promises, also along old routes through the history of the continent.
Eva Gaeding, MDR Kultur

Patrick Deville

Patrick Deville studied comparative literature and philosophy at the university of Nante. During the 1980s he lived in the Middle East, in Nigeria and Algeria. In the 1990s he visited Cuba, Uruguay, Latin America as well as some of the ex-Jugoslav countries. These trips constituted the base for his literary work. Deville founded and ran Maison des écrivains étrangers et des traducteurs and its magazíne Meet.

Patrick Deville studierte Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaften und Philosophie an der Universität Nantes. Er lebte in den 1980er Jahren im Nahen Osten, in Nigeria und Algerien. In den 1990er Jahren besuchte er Cuba, Uruguay, Mittelamerikanische Staaten und Staaten des ehemaligen Ostblocks. Diese Reisen sind ein Ausgangspunkt für seine literarische Produktion. Deville gründete und leitet das Maison des écrivains étrangers et des traducteurs in Saint-Nazaire und dessen Zeitschrift Meet.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmer der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Marko Dinić

Marko Dinić, (b. 1988 in Vienna) spent his childhood and youth in Belgrade. He studied German literature in Salzburg and Jewish cultural history. Die guten Tage is his first novel.

György Dragomán

György Dragomán, geb. 1973 in Siebenbürgen, ist ein ungarischer Schriftsteller, der in Budapest lebt. Seine Romane sind in über dreißig Sprachen übersetzt. Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Löwenchor, 2019.
„György Dragomán gehört zu den wichtigsten europäischen Schriftstellern unserer Zeit.“
Niels Beintker, Bayrischer Rundfunk

György Dragomán, b. 1973 in Transylvania, is a Hungarian writer who lives in Budapest. His novels have been translated into more than thirty languages. His latest book in German: Löwenchor, 2019.
“György Dragomán is among the most important European writers of our time.”
Niels Beintker, Bayrischer Rundfunk

Wilhelm Droste

Wilhelm Droste, born 1953, German writer. He iis editor-in-chief of the review "Drei Raben" in Budapest.

Wilhelm Droste, geboren 1953, deutscher Schriftsteller. Er ist Herausgeber der Zeitschrift "Drei Raben" in Budapest.

Marc Elsberg

Marc Elsberg, geb. 1967, ist ein österreichischer Schriftsteller. Er war Strategieberater und Kreativdirektor für Werbung sowie Kolumnist der österreichischen Tageszeitung »Der Standard«. Mit seinen internationalen Bestsellern BLACKOUT, ZERO und HELIX etablierte er sich auch als Meister des Science-Thrillers.

»Dieser Roman ist ein Appell an die Zivilgesellschaft, die Folgen der digitalen Revolution zu diskutieren, bevor sie uns überrollt hat.«
Handelsblatt über ZERO

Marc Elsberg, b. 1967, is an Austrian writer. He was a strategy consultant and creative director in advertising as well as a columnist for the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard. He also established a reputation as a master of scientific thrillers with his international bestsellers BLACKOUT, ZERO and HELIX.

»This novel is an appeal to civil society to discuss the consequences of the digital revolution before they have overrun us.«
Handelsblatt review of ZERO

Daniela Emminger

Daniela Emminger, b. 1975, is an Austrian writer. She was a copywriter in Hamburg and Berlin and an editor in Lithuania and Latvia. She lived in the Kyrgyzstan steppe for her latest novel. Recently published: Kafka mit Flügeln, 2018.
“Daniela Emminger is one of the most original voices of contemporary Austrian literature, changeable, grotesque and language-crazy.”
Sebastian Fasthuber, Die Tageszeitung

Ildikó Enyedi

Ildikó Enyedi, b. 1955, is a Hungarian director and screenwriter. In 2017, Enyedi won the Golden Bear at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival for her film On Body and Soul. In 2017, she was accepted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that awards the annual Oscars.

Michel Faber

Michel Faber, geb. 1960, ist ein niederländisch englischsprachiger Schriftstellerin. Er wuchs in Australien auf und lebt heute in England. Er ist Autor von weltweit erfolgreichen Romanen, u.a. Die Weltenwanderin (verfilmt als Under the Skin mit Scarlett Johansson in der Hauptrolle). Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Das Buch der seltsamen neuen Dinge, 2018.
„Das ist er, der eine Roman, auf den Sie gewartet haben.“
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Michel Faber, b. 1960, is a Dutch English-speaking writer. He grew up in Australia and now lives in England. He is the author of internationally bestselling novels including Die Weltenwanderin (the film version Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson). His latest book in German: Das Buch der seltsamen neuen Dinge, 2018.
“Here it is; the one novel that you’ve been waiting for.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Erika Fatland

Erika Fatland
b. 1983, is a Norwegian travel writer. She speaks eight languages; her books about travel have been translated into more than 15 languages and awards include the Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize. Recently published in German: Reise zum Himalaya, 2021.
Knowledgeable, precise, clever and subtly reserved, entertaining, balanced and not without the occasional irony – every chapter by this ‘Grenzgänger’, who hasn’t shied away from any travail, is fascinating reading.
Renate Nimtz-Köster, Süddeutsche Zeitung on Die Grenze

Milena Michiko Flašar

Milena Michiko Flašar, born 1980 in St Pölten, studied German literature and Romance studies in Vienna and Berlin. Her mother is Japanese and her father is Austrian. Her novel, Ich nannte ihn Krawatte (I Called Him Necktie), has sold over 100,000 copies; its premiere as a play at the Maxim Gorki Theatre was multi-award-winning.

llinca Florian

Ilinca Florian, b. 1983 in Bucharest and now living in Berlin, is a German-speaking writer. She worked for the Berlin Grips Theatre and is a director of short and documentary films. Her debut novel Als wir das Lügen lernten was published in spring 2018.

Erik Fosnes Hansen

Erik Fosnes Hansen
b. 1965, is a Norwegian writer. He wrote his first novel aged eighteen and, after its publication in 1985, the book became an instant literary hit in Norway. His second book Psalm at Journey’s End already became an international bestseller. His novels have been translated into 30 languages. Recently published in German: Hummerleben, 2019.
Erik Fosnes Hansen narrates with a linguistic elegance that is truly impressive.
WDR Kultur

Steven J. Fowler

S. J. Fowler is a poet, artist, curator & vanguardist. He works in the modernist and avant garde traditions, across poetry, fiction, sonic art, visual art, installation and performance. He has published seven collections of poetry and been commissioned by Tate Britain, the British Council, Tate Modern, Highlight Arts, Mercy, Penned in the Margins and the London Sinfonietta. He has been translated into 13 languages and performed at venues across the world, from Mexico City to Erbil, Iraq. He is the poetry editor of 3am magazine and is the curator of the Enemies project.

S. J. Fowler ist ein Dichter, Künstler, Kurator und Vangardist. Er arbeitet nach modernen und avantgardistischen Traditionen in Bereichen der Dichtung, Fiktion, Klangkunst, visuellen Kunst, Installationen und Performance. Fowler hat sieben Gedichtbände herausgebracht und wurden von Tate Britain, British Council, Tate Modern, Highlight Arts, Mercy, Penned in the Margins und London Sinfonietta beauftragt. Er wurde in 13 Sprachen übersetzt und ist an diversen Orten der ganzen Welt aufgetreten, von Mexico City bis Erbil, Irak. S. J. Fowler ist Redakteur des 3am Magazine sowie Kurator des Enemies Project.

Peter Frankopan

Peter Frankopan
b. 1971, is a British historian and Professor of Global History at the University of Oxford. Frankopan regularly contributes to The New York Times, The Guardian and the China Daily; his books are international bestsellers. Recently published in German: Die neuen Seidenstraßen, 2019.
Frankopan’s book (about the new Silk Roads) is fascinating … A wake-up call to the West to keep an eye the overall picture in the rapidly changing world, and to unite to continue to have a say in everything that is to play for in the Asian century.
Rolf Brockschmidt, Der Tagesspiegel.

Petina Gappah

Petina Gappah, b. 1971, is a Zimbabwean lawyer and author who writes in English. She studied law at the University of Zimbabwe, University of Cambridge and achieved her doctorate at Graz University. She works as a lawyer and journalist in Geneva. In 2009 Gappah published An Elegy for Easterly, a volume of short stories that was nominated for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award and received the Guardian First Book Award.

Petina Gappah, geb. 1971, ist eine simbabwische Juristin und Autorin, die in englischer Sprache schreibt. Sie studierte Rechtswissenschaften an der University of Zimbabwe, der University of Cambridge und promovierte an der Universität Graz. Sie arbeitet als Juristin und Journalistin in Genf. Gappah veröffentlichte 2009 mit An Elegy for Easterly einen Band mit Kurzgeschichten, der für den Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award nominiert wurde und den Guardian First Book Award erhielt.

Christian Gasser

Christian Gasser, born 1963, Swiss writer. He is a lecturer at the Lucerne University of Art & Design and an editor and co-publisher of the comic magazine STRAPAZIN.

Rosie Goldsmith

Rosie Goldsmith is a British multi-media journalist with specialist knowledge of arts and international affairs. She has worked across the world on some of BBC Radio’s flagship programmes, speaks several languages and chairs and presents public events. She is member of the ELit Literaturehouse Europe's board.

Rosie Goldsmith ist eine britische Multi-Media Journalistin. Sie ist im Bereich der Kunst und Internationalen Angelegenheiten spezialisiert und hat auf der ganzen Welt an führenden Sendungen von BBC Radio gearbeitet. Außerdem spricht sie mehrere Sprachen, präsentiert und sitzt diversen öffentlichen Veranstaltungen vor und ist Vorstandsmitglied bei ELit Literaturhaus Europa.

Lena Gorelik

Lena Gorelik is a German writer. She was born in 1981 in St. Petersburg. In 1992 she came to Germany with her Russian-Jewish family as a “Kontingentfluchtling” (quota refugee).

Lena Gorelik ist eine deutsche Schriftstellerin. Geboren wurde sie 1981 in Petersburg und kam 1992 mit ihrer russisch-jüdischen Familie als Kontingentflüchtling nach Deutschland.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmerin der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Dana Grigorcea

b. 1979, is a Swiss-Romanian writer and philologist. She is a producer of television reports and radio programmes and has worked as the German correspondent for Romanian television and radio. Her novel Das primäre Gefühl der Schuldlosigkeit was awarded the 3sat Prize as part of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize.
“Here everything comes together that forms great literature: wit, comedy, tragedy, poetry, melancholy, grief, misery and love.”
Roman Bucheli, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Olga Grjasnowa

Olga Grjasnowa, b. 1984 in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a German writer. She grew up in the Caucasus and spent longer sojourns in Poland, Russia, Israel and Turkey. She studied dance studies in Berlin, where she currently lives. Recently published: Der verlorene Sohn, 2020.
“Olga Grjasnowa has written THE novel of the times, well informed, surprisingly light-footed and thrilling.”
RBB Inforadio

Walter Grond

Walter Grond, born 1957, Austrian novelist. He is artistic director of ELit Literaturehouse Europe.

Walter Grond, geboren 1957, österreichischer Romancier und Essayist. Er ist Künstlerischer Leiter von ELiT Literaturhaus Europa.

Gottfried Gusenbauer

Gottfried Gusenbauer, born 1968, Austrian Comic artist. He is artistic director of Karikaturmuseum Krems.

Gottfried Gusenbauer, geboren 1968, österreichischer Comic Zeichner. Er ist Künstlerischer Leiter des Karikaturmuseums Krems.

Ulrike Guérot

Ulrike Guérot, b. 1964, is a German political scientist and Director of the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). In 2013 she co-authored with Robert Menasse a manifesto on founding Europe as a Republic. The manifesto is linked to an appeal for a different Europe and signatories include Thomas Piketty, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Gesine Schwan. In September 2014, together with Victoria Kupsch, she set up the European Democracy Lab based at the European School of Governance in Berlin. The specialist focus is the study of issues concerning European democracy. She was awarded the French Ordre national du Mérite for her commitment to European integration.

Ulrike Guérot, geb. 1964, ist eine deutsche Politikwissenschafterin. Sie leitete u.a. das Berliner Büro des European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). 2013 veröffentlichte sie mit Robert Menasse ein Manifest zur Gründung einer Europäischen Republik. Das Manifest ist verknüpft mit einem Aufruf für ein anderes Europa und wurde u.a. von Thomas Piketty, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker und Gesine Schwan unterzeichnet. 2014 gründete sie zusammen mit Victoria Kupsch das European Democracy Lab, das an der European School of Governance in Berlin angesiedelt ist, um sich verstärkt mit Fragen der europäischen Demokratie zu beschäftigen. Für ihr Engagement für die europäische Integration wurde sie zum Ritter des französischen Ordre national du Mérite ernannt. Ulrike Guérot wurde im April 2016 als Universitätsprofessorin für Europapolitik und Demokratieforschung an die Donau-Universität Krems berufen.

Katharina Hacker

Katharina Hacker, b. 1967, is a German writer and translator from Hebrew. Her novel Die Habenichtse was awarded the 2006 German Book Prize and the film version was directed in 2016 by Florian Hoffmeister.

Nino Haratischwili

Nino Haratischwili, b. 1983, is a theatre director, playwright and novelist from Georgia. She lives in Hamburg and writes in German. She studied film direction and directed the bilingual theatre group Fliedertheater. Her family epic The Eighth Life has been translated into multiple languages and, among others, was awarded the Anna Seghers Literature Prize.

Aljoša Harlamov

Aljoša Harlamov (1983), ist ein slowenischer Literaturkritiker, Kolumnist, Essayist und Redakteur bei airBeletrina.

Aljoša Harlamov (1983), Slovenian literary critic, columnist and essayist. Editor of Airbeletrina and Mentor.

Helene Hegemann

Helene Hegemann, geb. 1992, ist eine deutsche Schriftstellerin. Ihr Romandebut Axolotl Roadkill wurde in 20 Sprachen übersetzt, bei der Verfilmung führte sie selbst Regie. Zuletzt erschienen: Bungalow, 2018.
„Jugend war schon immer ein Verdammnis, und Hegemann erzählt davon mit einer so prekären Besessenheit, dass die Reaktion auf diesen Roman wie auf ihre bisherigen fast physisch ist. Es ist schwer, sich dieser Wucht zu entziehen.“
Georg Diez, Der Spiegel

Helene Hegemann, b. 1992, is a German writer. Her debut novel Axolotl Roadkill was translated into 20 languages; she directed the film version of her novel. Her most recent book: Bungalow, 2018.
“Youth was always about being doomed, and Hegemann writes about it with such a precarious obsession that the reaction to this novel, like her previous ones, is almost physical. It’s difficult to avoid this force.”
Georg Diez, Der Spiegel

Peeter Helme

Peeter Helme, b. 1978, is an Estonian writer, literary critic and translator. In autumn 2015 his novel Am Ende der gestohlenen Zeit was published in German translation.

Peeter Helme, geb. 1978, ist ein estnischer Schriftsteller, Literaturkritiker und Übersetzer. Im Herbst 2016 erscheint sein Roman Am Ende der gestohlenen Zeit in deutscher Übersetzung.

Marko Hercog

Marko Hercog is Technical & IT Director of the Publishing House Beletrina, Ljubljana, Slovenia. He co-developed the first Slovene e-book lending and selling platform Biblos.

Marko Hercog ist IT & Technischer Direktor des Verlages Beletrina in Ljubljana, Slowenien. Er arbeitete an der Entwicklung der ersten slowenischen E-Book Verleih- und Verkaufsplattform Biblos mit.

Olivia Hetreed

Olivia Hetreed, b. 1961, is a British screenwriter and literary advisor. She has adapted works among others by Geoffrey Chaucer, Emily Brontë, Carline Lawrence and Tracy Chevalier’s novel The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Olivia Hetreed is President of the Writers‘ Guild of Great Britain.

Felicitas Hoppe

Felicitas Hoppe
b. 1960, is a German writer. Her works are often based on travel experiences, including her journeys around the world on a container ship. She has won numerous prizes, including the Georg Büchner Prize in 2012. She cooperates with artists for individual projects and lectures on poetics in German- and English-speaking countries. Recently published: Nibelungen, 2021.
At a time when talking on one’s own account increasingly dominates literature, Felicitas Hoppes’ sensitive and melancholy storytelling, with a special sense for humour, encircles the secret of identity.
Jury, Georg Büchner Prize

Iman Humaydan

Iman Humaydan was born in the Mount Lebanon governorate in 1956 and studied sociology at the American University in Beirut. She is a Lebanese writer and lives in Paris.

Iman Humaydan wurde 1956 im Gouvernement Mount Lebanon im Libanon geboren und studierte and der American University of Beirut Soziologie Sie ist Schriftstellerin und lebt in Paris.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmerin der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Jiří Hájíček

Jiří Hájíček, b. 1967, is a Czech writer who lives in Budejovice. He is a double award-winner of the Magnesia Litera, the Czech Republic’s highest literary accolade, for his novels that are all set in the Southern Bohemian countryside: for his novel “Rustic Baroque” (Selské baroko) and “Fish Blood” (Rybí krev). Readers of the daily newspaper Lidove noviny nominated the novel “The Rain Stick” as book of the year in 2016. In 2017, the novel received the Czech Book Award.

Ida Hegazi Høyer

Ida Hegazi Høyer, geb. 1981, ist eine norwegische Schriftstellerin. Sie stammt aus einer dänisch ägyptischen Familie. 2015 wurde sie mit dem Literaturpreis der Europäischen Union ausgezeichnet. Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Trost, 2019.
“Hier haben wir also alles Utopische beieinander, den realen Hintergrund, die fantastische Umsetzung und den universellen Anspruch.”
Sabine Neubert, Neues Deutschland

Ida Hegazi Høyer, b. 1981, is a Norwegian writer. She hails from a Danish Egyptian family. She was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature in 2015. Her most recent book in German: Trost, 2019.
“Here, all things utopian are together, the real background, fantastic reality and the universal appeal.”
Sabine Neubert, Neues Deutschland

Saša Ilić

Saša Ilic, born 1972, is a Serbian writer. He lives in Beograd and is member of the editorial board of BETON (literary supplement of the daily newspaper Danas).

Saša Ilic, 1972 geboren, ist ein serbischer Schriftsteller. Er lebt in Belgrad und ist Chefredaktionsmitglied von BETON (Beilage der Tageszeitung Danas).

Helena Janeczek

Helena Janeczek, geb. 1964, ist eine deutsch italienische Schriftstellerin, jüdisch polnischer Herkunft. Ihr dritter Roman La ragazza con la Leica erhielt 2018 den wichtigsten italienischen Literaturpreis, den Premio Strega. Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Das Mädchen mit der Leica, 2019.
„Der deutsch-italienischen Autorin Helena Janeczek gelingt mit ihrem neuen Roman „La ragazza con la Leica“ („Das Mädchen mit der Leica“) der Sprung auf Platz 1 der italienischen Bestsellerliste. Das Buch wurde kürzlich mit dem Premio Strega ausgezeichnet. Janeczek erhielt die begehrte Trophäe als erste Frau innerhalb von 15 Jahren.“

Helena Janeczek, b. 1964, is German-Italian writer from a Jewish and Polish family. In 2018, her third novel La ragazza con la Leica (“The Girl with the Leica”) was awarded the most prestigious Italian literary prize, the Premio Strega. Her most recent book in German: Das Mädchen mit der Leica, 2019.
“The German-Italian writer Janeczek and her latest novel ‘La ragazza con la Leica’ (‘The Girl with the Leica’) jumped to the top of the Italian bestseller list. The book was recently awarded the Strega Prize. Janeczek was the first woman in 15 years to receive the coveted trophy.”

Vea Kaiser

Vea Kaiser, b. 1988, is an Austrian writer. In 2012, her debut novel Blasmusikpop made her a shooting star of German-speaking literature. She writes a weekly column in the Kurier’s Freizeit.

Vea Kaiser

Vea Kaiser, born 1988, Austrian novelist.

Vea Kaiser, geboren 1988, österreichische Schriftstellerin.

Anton Kannemeyer

Anton Kannemeyer alias Joe Dog, b. 1967, is a South African comic author. As co-founder of the former South African comic magazine Bitterkomix, Kannemeyer became a highly acclaimed representative of an independent, young South African scene whose works are shown in many museums including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York.

Anton Kannemeyer alias Joe Dog, geb. 1967, ist ein südafrikanischer Comic Autor. Als Mitgründer des einzigen südafrikanischen Comicmagazins Bitterkomix wurde Kannemeyer zum vielbeachteten Vertreter einer eigenständigen, jungen südafrikanischen Szene. Seine Arbeiten hängen in vielen Museen, u.a. im Museum of Modern Art New York.

Kapka Kassabova

Kapka Kassabova
b. 1973, is a Bulgarian writer and travel journalist, who lives in Scotland. She is a contributor, among others, to The Sunday Times, The Guardian and Vogue. In 2018, she received the Nayef Al-Rodhan Prize of the British Academy. Recently published in German: Am See, 2021.
Thrilling like an adventure novel, emotive like a poem and mesmerizing through artful figurative language. There is no more vivid way to explain the world with its joys and suffering, with its beauty and shadows.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Die letzte Grenze

A.L. Kennedy

A.L. Kennedy. In autumn 2015, the Scottish writer and winner of the Austrian State Prize for European Literature publishes her new book with Hanser Verlag. Kennedy is among the most renowned European contemporary female writers, a committed publicist as well as anti-war campaigner.

A. L. Kennedy. Im Herbst 2015 veröffentlicht die schottische Schriftstellerin und Gewinnerin des Österreichischen Staatspreis für Europäische Literatur ihr neues Buch beim Hanser Verlag. Kennedy zählt zu den bekanntesten zeitgenössischen europäischen Schriftstellerinnen. Sie ist eine engagierte Publizistin und Friedensaktivistin.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmerin der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Navid Kermani

Navid Kermani
b. 1967, is a German writer. A habilitated orientalist, he was a long-term fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study Berlin. He has won numerous prizes for his academic and literary work and for his active engagement, including the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. He is a member of the German Academy for Language and Literature and the German Islam Conference. Recently published: Morgen ist da. Reden, 2019

Rasha Khayat

Rasha Khayat, b. 1978 in Dortmund, is a German-Arabic writer, translator and editor. She grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and studied comparative literature, German Studies and philosophy in Bonn. Since 2005 she has lived in Hamburg. Her first novel, Weil wir längst woanders sind, was published in spring 2016.

Rasha Khayat, geb. 1978 in Dortmund, ist eine deutsch-arabische Schriftstellerin, Übersetzerin und Lektorin. Sie wuchs in Djidda, Saudi-Arabien auf, studierte Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaften, Germanistik und Philosophie in Bonn. Seit 2005 lebt sie in Hamburg. Im Frühjahr 2016 erschien ihr erster Roman Weil wir längst woanders sind.

Anna Kim

Anna Kim was born in 1977 in Daejeon, South Korea. In 1979 her family moved to Germany and then to Vienna, Austria, where she has lived since 1984. Anna Kim is recipient of numerous awards, including the 2009 Austrian State fellowship for Literature, the 2009 Elias Canetti fellowship, the Robert Musil fellowship 2010, and the Austrian Prize for Literature 2009.

Anna Kim wurde 1977 in Daejeon in Südkorea geboren.1979 übersiedelte ihre Familie zuerst nach Deutschland und dann nach Wien, wo sie seit 1984 lebt. Anna Kim hat zahlreiche Auszeichnungen erhalten, unter anderem den Förderungspreis für Literatur der Republik Österreich 2009, das Eias Canetti Stipendium 2009, das Robert-Musil-Stipendium 2011-14, sowie den European Union Prize for Literature 2012.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmerin der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Hans-Gerd Koch

Hans-Gerd Koch, born 1954, German literary critic and editor. He works at the University Wuppertal.

Hans-Gerd Koch, geboren 1954, Deutscher Literaturkritiker- und vermittler. Er ist in der Kafka-Forschungsstelle Wuppertal tätig.

Henning Kornfeld

Henning Kornfeld, b. 1966, is a news media journalist and based in Heidelberg. Until 2012, he was Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the media news service kress.

Henning Kornfeld, geboren 1966, ist Medienjournalist in Heidelberg. Bis 2012 war er stellvertretender Chefredakteur des deutschen Branchendienstes kress.

Tim Krohn

Tim Krohn, b. 1965, is a German writer who lives in Switzerland. He writes prose, plays and audio plays. In 2015, Tim Krohn set up the crowdfunding project Menschliche Regungen.

Markus Köhle

Markus Köhle, born 1975, is an Austrian writer, literary activist and slamer.

Markus Köhle (*1975 Nassereith, Tirol) studierte Germanistik und Romanistik. Seit 2001 ist er literarisch, literaturkritisch, literaturwissenschaftlich und auch als Literaturveranstalter im In- und Ausland aktiv. Seit 2004 lebt und arbeitert er in Wien. Zahlreiche Bücher, zuletzt: Jammern auf hohem Niveau. Ein Barhocker-Oratorium. Sonderzahl (2017), Nebelrolle. Korrespondenzpoesie. Edition Yara (2018).

Sergej Lebedew

b. 1981, is a Russian writer. Lebedew’s newspaper as a contributing journalist was banned during the Ukrainian conflict. His novel Menschen im August/People in August was rejected by Russian publishers for a long time. The German edition was the world premiere; it became a bestseller in the US and was then published in 2016 in Russia.
“In Russia, he was fighting a losing battle as an investigative journalist, so he became a writer. In his books, he follows up his country’s recent history as though he were a poisonous snake.”
Per Leo, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Deborah Levy

Deborah Levy, b. 1959 in South Africa, is a British writer. Following several novels, she works as a playwright and author of screenplays. Several of her works have been staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her first book in German Heim schwimmen/Swimming Home captured international headlines and was among the finalists for the Man Booker Prize in 2012. »Deborah Levy writes stories where the contemporary and the uncanny become indistinguishable.«
Andreas Schäfer, DIE ZEIT

Gila Lustiger

b. 1963, is a German writer. She studied German and Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Since 1987 she lives and works in Paris as an author, publishing editor and translator. Her novel Die Schuld der anderen/The Guilt of Others became a bestseller.
“‘The Guilt of Others’ casts an incorruptible and equally revealing light on a melee of interests of La Grande Nation – currently, no writer other than Michel Houellebecq risks as much.”
Sandra Kegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Jonas Lüscher

Jonas Lüscher, b. 1976, is a Swiss and German writer and essayist. He developed material and was a dramatic advisor in the Munich film industry, academic and associate at the Institute of Technology-Theology-Sciences (TTN) at the University of Munich; he worked as an ethics teacher at the State Business School in Munich/Pasing and at the ETH Zurich. His novella, Frühling der Barbaren won several prizes in 2013 and attracted rave reviews.

Jonas Lüscher, geb. 1976, ein Schweizer und deutscher Schriftsteller und Essayist. Er war Stoffentwickler und Dramaturg in der Münchner Filmwirtschaft, wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Institut Technik-Theologie-Naturwissenschaften (TTN) der LMU München, arbeitete als Ethiklehrer an der Staatlichen Wirtschaftsschule München/ Pasing und an der ETH Zürich. Seine Novelle Frühling der Barbaren wurde 2013 mit mehreren Preisen ausgezeichnet und euphorisch besprochen.

Enis Maci

Enis Maci, b. 1993, is a German writer. Her play »Mitwisser» was awarded the Hans-Gratzer Scholarship 2017 and premiered at the Schauspielhaus Wien in 2018. In the season 18/19 Maci is a house writer at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. Recent publication: Eiscafé Europa, 2018.

„‘Eiscafé Europa' is a wild reef where all sorts of things are planted: The article discussions of Wikipedia, language and myths of her Albanian family, the appearances of young identitarians, her own youth in Gelsenkirchen, remarkably unknown poets..."
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Jamal Mahjoub

Jamal Mahjoub is an award winning writer of mixed British/Sudanese heritage. Born in London, he was raised in Khartoum where the family remained until 1990. He was awarded a scholarship to study in England and attended university in Sheffield. He has lived in a number of places, including the UK, Denmark and currently, Spain. In 2012, Mahjoub began writing a series of crime fiction novels under the pseudonym Parker Bilal.

Jamal Mahjoub wurde 1960 in London geboren. Die Familie wohnte einige Jahre in Liverpool, bevor sie in den Sudan übersiedelte, die Heimat des Vaters. Dort verbrachte Mahjoub seine Schulzeit am Comboni College, das von italienischen Priestern geleitet wird. Später erhielt er ein Stipendium für das Atlantic College in Wales und studierte danach in Sheffield Geologie. Schon während seines Studiums veröffentlichte er literarische Texte in Zeitschriften. Nach vielen Ortswechseln lebt er heute in Barcelona. Jamal Mahjoub hat bereits mehrere Romane veröffentlicht. Parker Bilal ist das Pseudonym, unter dem er als Kriminalautor schreibt.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmer der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Tony Malone

Tony Malone is literary critic and writer, his Website: Tony’s Reading List.
Tony Malone ist Literaturkritiker und Blogger mit der Website Tony’s Reading List.

Andrea Marcolongo

Andrea Marcolongo
b. 1987, is an Italian writer who now lives in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Her first book Warum Altgriechisch genial ist already became an international bestseller. She regularly contributes to La Stampa and La Repubblica. Recently published in German: Das Meer, die Liebe, der Mut aufzubrechen, 2021.
Andrea Marcolongo has an infectious enthusiasm for extinct tenses like aorist, or moods like optative and eventualis, for aspirations and accents as well as the impressive variety of particles that can help to express so many different nuances.
Die Zeit

Ana Marwan

Ana Marwan, (b. 1980 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia), grew up in Ljubljana. She studied comparative literature in Ljubljana and Romance studies in Vienna. Prizewinner of the exile literature prize “schreiben zwischen den kulturen”/“writing between cultures” in 2008. “Der Kreis des Weberknechts” is her first novel.

Dijana Matković

Writer, journalist, translator.
Schriftstellerin, Journalistin, Übersetzerin.

Beat Mazenauer

Beat Mazenauer, born 1958, Swiss literary critic and networker. He is director of SwissLiterature (

Beat Mazenauer, geboren 1958, Schweizer Literaturkritiker und -netzwerker. Er ist Leiter des Webportals LiteraturSchweiz (

Miha Mazzini

Miha Mazzini is the writer of 30 books published in 10 languages. He is the screenwriter of 4 award-winning films, director of 5 short films and a recipient of the American Pushcart prize for short story. He represents authors in the SAZOR, the Slovenian Organization of Authors and Publishers for Reproduction Rights. More at: His novel German Lottery (Deutsche Lotterie) was recently published in Germany (Transit Verlag). Miha Mazzini, geboren 1961 in Jesenice im damaligen Jugoslawien, lebt als slowenischer (mit italienischen Vorfahren) Autor, Dramatiker und Filmemacher in Ljubljana. Seine Bücher gehören zu den meist verkauften in Slowenien, sind in neun Sprachen übersetzt und haben zahlreiche Preise erhalten. “Deutsche Lotterie” ist seine erste Veröffentlichung in deutscher Sprache (Transit Verlag)

Chris Meade

Chris Meade is Co-Director of the London Institute for the Future of the Book.

Chris Meade ist Ko-Direktor des Londoner Institutes für die Zukunft des Buches.

Francesca Melandri

Francesca Melandri, geb. 1964, ist eine italienische Schriftstellerin. Sie schrieb zahlreiche Drehbücher für Filme und Fernsehserien. Ihr dritter Roman Alle außer mir war ein internationaler Bestseller. Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Alle außer mir, 2018.
“ Francesca Melandris Roman ‚Alle außer mir‘ ist gerade Italiens Exportschlager. Die Autorin dringt darin tief in die koloniale Geschichte des Landes ein und sagt, sie habe etwas Grundlegendes verstanden − den Unterschied zwischen Xenophobie und Rassismus.“
Andrea Gerk, ARD, Deutschlandfunk

Francesca Melandri, b. 1964, is an Italian writer. She has written numerous screenplays for films and television series. Her third novel, Alle, außer mir, was an international bestseller. Her latest book in German: Alle, außer mir, 2018.
“Francesca Melandri’s novel ‘Alle, außer mir’ is Italy’s export hit. The writer delves deep into the country’s colonial past and says that she has understood something fundamental – the difference between xenophobia and racism.”
Andrea Gerk, ARD, Deutschlandfunk

Robert Menasse

Robert Menasse, b. 1954, is an Austrian writer. He has won many awards including the German Book Prize and Carl Zuckmayer-Medal. Recently published: Die Hauptstadt, 2017.
“Few can write as entertaining and philosophical stories as Robert Menasse.”
Christoph Schröder, Zeit online

Karim Miské

b. 1964, is a French writer. He works as a journalist and documentary filmmaker for ARTE. In 2012, he won the Grand prix de littérature policière for his novel Arab Jazz. His film Juden & Muslime: So nah und doch so fern!/Jews & Muslims: So Far, So Close! won multiple awards.
“First off, Karim Miské has written a devilishly thrilling detective novel that is much more than this: he also personifies an ‘early warning’ note about any type of fanaticism, a portrayal of the (a)morality of our time and a declaration of love to literature.”
Dina Netz, WDR 5 on Arab Jazz

Rainer Moritz

Rainer Moritz, born 1958, German literary critic and writer. He is director of Literaturhaus Hamburg.

Rainer Moritz, geboren 1958, deutscher Literaturkritiker und Autor. Er ist Leiter des Literaturhauses Hamburg.

Efe Murad

Efe Murad studied philosophy at Princeton and is working towards his Ph.D. in Ottoman History and Arabic Philosophy and Theology at Harvard. He has published five books of poetry and five books of translations from the Iranian poets M. Azad and Fereydoon-e Moshiri and from the American poets C.K. Williams, Susan Howe and Lyn Hejinian in Turkish. Together with Sidney Wade, he prepared a selection from the œuvre of Turkish poet Melih Cevdet Anday (Talisman Press, 2017). His poems, writings and translations in English have appeared in a wide range of journals such as Guernica, Jacket, Five Points, and The American Reader, and exhibitions including the 13th Istanbul Biennial. He is currently working on the complete Turkish translation of Ezra Pound’s Cantos. He published Matter-Poetry Manifesto together with Cem Kurtuluş in 2004 and his new work combines paleography, Islamic manuscript tradition, sound recordings and avant-garde poetry.

Efe Murad studierte Philosophie an der Princeton University und arbeitet zurzeit an seiner Doktorarbeit über osmanische Geschichte und arabische Philosophie und Theologie an der Harvard Universität. Er publizierte 5 Poesiebücher und 5 Übersetzungen der iranischen Dichter M. Azad und Fereydoon-e Moshiri, und der amerikanischen Dichter_Innen C.K. Williams, Susan Howe, und Lyn Hejinian auf Türkisch. Gemeinsam mit Sidney Howe erstellte er eine Auswahl vom Oeuvre des türkischen Dichters Melih Cevdet Anday (Talisman Press, 2017). Seine englischen Gedichte, Texte, und Übersetzungen erschienen in zahlreichen Journals, wie Guernica, Jacket, Five Points, und The American Reader und in Ausstellungen inklusiv der 13th Istanbul Biennale. Er arbeitet gerade an der kompletten türkischen Übersetzung der Ezra Pounds Cantos. 2004 publizierte er das Objektpoesie-Manifest gemeinsam mit Cem Kurtuluş und sein neues Werk kombiniert Paläographie, Islamische Manuskript-Tradition, Tonaufnahmen und Avantgarde-Poesie.

László Márton

László Márton, b. 1959, is a Hungarian writer, who lives in Budapest. He has translated among others Martin Luther, Heinrich von Kleist, Goethe and Grillparzer into Hungarian. In 2017, he was awarded the Friedrich Gundolf Prize of the Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung.
His most recent novel was Die Überwindlichen in a German and Hungarian edition.

Madame Nielsen

Madame Nielsen, b. 1963, is a Danish writer, singer and performance artist. Her novels have been awarded several prizes.

Ágnes Orzóy

Ágnes Orzóy is the editor of Hungarian Literature Online ( and editor-at-large at Asymptote ( She also writes reviews, teaches literature, and translates from English into Hungarian.

Ágnes Orzóy ist Redakteurin bei Hungarian Literature Online ( und Asymptote ( Außerdem schreibt sie Rezensionen, lehrt Literatur und übersetzt aus dem Englischen ins Ungarische.

Anna Ospelt

Anna Ospelt, b. 1987, is a Liechtensteiner writer. She studied sociology and media studies in Basel. She lives in Vaduz. Recently published: Wurzelstudien, 2020.
“Anna Ospelt’s perception of nature focuses on filigree detail and alternately expands the view to the metaphorical horizon. Her book does justice to the title. Her studies collect material for something bigger, maybe a novel that is hinted at in this book.”
Beat Mazenauer, Viceversa Literatur

Sharon Dodua Otoo

b. 1972 in London, is a British writer, publicist and campaigner who lives in Berlin. She is Series Editor of Witnessed, the English-speaking book series. In 2016, she was awarded the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize.
“A breakfast egg trials a rebellion: with a relaxed satire about German daily routines, the British writer Sharon Dodua Otoo wins the Bachmann Prize in Klagenfurt.”

Tim Parks

Tim Parks, b. 1954, is a British writer and translator. He is a lecturer at the IULM University of Milan where he teaches literary translation. In many of his novels and narrative works of non-fiction he has focused on life in Italy. Among his numerous translations from Italian are works by Moravia, Tabucchi, Calvino and Calasso. Parks is regarded as an expert on European intellectual history. He has won numerous literary prizes including the Somerset Maugham Award.

Tim Parks, geb. 1954, ist ein britischer Schriftsteller und Übersetzer. Er ist Dozent an der Università IULM in Mailand und lehrt dort literarische Übersetzung. In vielen seiner Romane und erzählenden Sachbücher hat er das Leben in Italien thematisiert. Zu seinen zahlreichen Übersetzungen aus dem Italienischen gehören Werke von Moravia, Tabucchi, Calvino und Calasso. Parks gilt als gebildeter Kenner der europäischen Geistesgeschichte. Er gewann zahlreiche Literaturpreise, u.a. den Sommerset-Maugham-Award.

Stevan Paul

b. 1969, is a German food stylist, journalist and writer. A former chef, who worked in top restaurants, he was also a TV chef and has co-authored cook books with Tim Mälzer. Under the pseudonym Herr Paulsen, Stevan Paul writes the food blog Paul writes novels and short stories about fine food cuisine.

“Stevan Paul succeeds in finding a breathtaking narrative tempo for the masterpieces of restaurant cuisine and endearing language. His stories about cooking have exactly what also makes great culinary art: inspiration, passion and precision.”
Holger Hettinger, Deutschlandradio Kultur

Alexander Peer

Alexander Peer b. 1971 in Salzburg, studied German language and literature, philosophy and journalism. Peer now lives in Vienna as a freelance writer and journalist.
Books include: “Schreibende Nomaden entdecken Europa”, Limbus 2019. Numerous essays and articles on literature, philosophy and architecture.

Alexander Peer geb. 1971 in Salzburg, Studien in Germanistik, Philosophie und Publizistik. Peer lebt heute als freier Autor & Journalist in Wien.
Bücher u.a.: „Schreibende Nomaden entdecken Europa“, Limbus 2019. Zahlreiche Essays und Beiträge über Literatur, Philosophie und Architektur. Er erhielt einige Preise und Stipendien.

Katja Perat

Katja Perat (1988) is a graduate of Philosophy and Comparative Literature and postgraduate student at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. Her book of poetry The Best Have Fallen (Najboljši so padli, 2011) received a best debut award and was picked as book of the year by the Slovenian Literary Critics’ Association. 2014 saw the publication of her second book of poetry, Value-Added Tax (Davek na dodano vrednost), nominated for the Veronika Award for best book of poetry of the year as well as for the Jenko Award given out by the Slovene Writers’ Association.

Katja Perat (1988) hat Philosophie und Komparatistik studiert und ist Doktorandinan an der Kunstfakultät in Ljubljana. Für ihren Gedichtband The Best Have Fallen (Najboljši so padli, 2011) erhielt sie einen Newcomer Preis. Außerdem wurde es von der Slovenian Literary Critics’ Association zum Buch des Jahres gewählt. 2014 brachte sie ihren zweiten Gedichtband, Value-Added Tax (Davek na dodano vrednost), heraus, welcher für den besten Gedichtband beim Veronika Preis, sowie für den Jenko Preis der Slovene Writers’ Association nominiert wurde.

Katja Petrovic

Katja Petrovic, born 1976 in Hamburg, free lancing radio journalist in Paris.

Katja Petrovic, 1976 in Hamburg geboren, ist freie Radiojournalistin in Paris.

Jacques Pezet

Jacques Pezet is a French-Honduran journalist based in Berlin. He decided to move to Germany to observe and describe his favorite topic: the Germans. And also because of a Swede.

Jacques Pezet ist ein französisch-honduranischer Journalist. Er zog nach Berlin um sein Lieblingsthema zu beobachten und zu beschreiben: die Deutschen. Und auch, wegen einem Schweden.

Johny Pitts

Johny Pitts
b. 1987, is a British writer, photographer, television presenter and journalist. He is co-founder of the online journal Afropean. Adventures in Black Europe. He has won many awards for his work on Afropean identity, including from the European Network Against Racism and the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding. Recently published in German: Afropäisch – Eine Reise durch das schwarze Europa, 2021.
This travel reportage raises awareness about the perspectives of black Europeans. In the best case, it promotes a discussion that, in particular, white Europeans still find difficult: namely, about one’s own colonial past and its continuities.
Timo Stukenberg, Deutschlandfunk

Matthias Politycki

Matthias Politycki, geb. 1955, ist ein deutscher Schriftsteller. Er promovierte an der Münchner Uni über Nietzsche; sein Werk – Romane, Erzählungen, Gedicht- und Essaybände – erscheint seit 2001 im Verlag Hoffmann und Campe. Etwa die Hälfte des Jahres verbringt er auf Reisen, ansonsten lebt er in Hamburg und München.

Matthias Politycki, b. 1955, is a German writer. He was awarded a PhD on Nietzsche at Munich University; his literary work – novels, short stories, poetry and essay editions – have been published since 2001 by Hoffmann und Campe. He devotes about half the year to travel, otherwise he lives in Hamburg and Munich.

Edo Popović

Edo Popović, b. 1957, is a Croatian writer. He was co-founder of one of the most influential underground literary magazines in former Yugoslavia. He became a war reporter from 1991 to 1995. His novel Mitternachtsboogie became the cult book of a generation. Recently published in German: Anleitung zum Gehen, 2015.
“Edo Popović faces up to the world that he lives in in his book ‘Anleitung zum Gehen’. It is a critical reflection about time, mankind and nature.”
Ralph Gerstenberg, Deutschlandfunk

Richard David Precht

Richard David Precht, b. 1964, is a German philosopher and publicist. He is Honorary Professor of Philosophy at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler music conservatory in Berlin. All his books were bestsellers and have been translated into more than forty languages. Since 2012, he hosts the philosophy show Precht on German TV channel ZDF.

Robert Prosser

Robert Prosser
b. 1983, is an Austrian writer. He writes novels, librettos, for theatre and is well known for his literary and musical performances. Curator of Babelsprech, a project to promote young poetry in German-speaking countries. Recently published: Gemma Habibi, 2019.

Prosser writes the portrait of a generation without a compass – across all classes and nationalities.
Doris Kraus, Die Presse

Teresa Präauer

Teresa Präauer, geb. 1979, ist eine österreichische Schriftstellerin und Bildende Künstlerin. Ihr Werk wurde zahlreich ausgezeichnet, u.a. mit dem Erich Friedpreis 2017. Zuletzt erschienen: Tier werden, 2018.
„Ein verbales Feuerwerk, das leuchtet und funkelt bis zum Schluss.“
Konrad Holzer, Buchkultur

Teresa Präauer, b. 1979, is an Austrian writer and visual artist. Her work has received numerous awards including the Erich Fried Prize 2017. Recent publication: Tier werden, 2018.
“Verbal fireworks that illuminates and sparkles to the end.”
Konrad Holzer, Buchkultur

Gergely Péterfy

Gergely Péterfy, b. 1966, is a Hungarian writer. His novel about Angelo Soliman was recently one of the bestselling titles on the Hungarian book market. Recently published in German: Der ausgestopfte Barbar, 2016. (English: The Stuffed Barbarian)
“A challenging, painful, but breathtaking novel.”
Helmuth Schönauer on Der ausgestopfte Barbar

Julya Rabinowich

Julya Rabinowich, b. 1970, is an Austrian writer, playwright, artist and simultaneous interpreter, who lives in Vienna. She arrived in Vienna in 1977 from the Soviet Union. From 2006 to 2011, she worked as a simultaneous interpreter in psychotherapy- and psychiatric consultations with refugees for the Diakonie and the Hemayat, Centre for Survivors of War and Torture. Since 2012, she has contributed a weekly column for the newspaper Der Standard. In 2018, she was awarded the Friedrich Gerstäcker Prize for her novel Dazwischen: Ich.

Atiq Rahimi

Atiq Rahimi, born in Kabul in 1962, is a French-Afghan writer and filmmaker. 1984 Rahimi’s family went into exile, and after studying at the Franco-Afghan lycée, he joined his father in Bombay. In 1979, he returned to Afghanistan to read literature at the University of Kabul, and worked as a cinema critic. In 1984, he relocated to Pakistan for a brief period, before seeking political asylum in France. He completed his PhD in audio-visual communications at the Sorbonne, and began writing Earth and Ashes in 1996. After 18 years in exile, Atiq Rahimi returned to Afghanistan in February 2002 and helped establish an Afghan writers’ centre in Kabul, with the assistance of the French government.
Rahimi is the recipient of a number of prestigious literary and film awards. In 2004, he won the Prix du Regard vers l’Avenir at the Cannes Film Festival and a Golden Dhow award for Best Feature Film at the Zanzibar International Film Festival for his film version of Earth and Ashes. In 2008, he was awarded the Prix Goncourt for The Patience Stone – France’s highest literary honour. Rahimi directed 2012 the film adaptation of " The Patience Stone from a screenplay he co-authored with Jean-Claude Carrière.

Atiq Rahimi, 1962 in Kabul geboren, studierte Literatur. 1984 floh er nach Frankreich, wo er u. a. als Dokumentarfilmer tätig ist. Sein vielbeachtetes Debüt Erde und Asche wurde 2004 verfilmt, sein dritter Roman Stein der Geduld wurde 2008 mit dem Prix Goncourt ausgezeichnet und stand in Frankreich monatelang auf der Bestsellerliste. 2012 verfilmte er den Roman selbst.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmer der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Ilma Rakusa

Ilma Rakusa is a Swiss writer and translator. She was born in Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia, to a Hungarian mother and a Slovenian father, and spent her childhood in Budapest, Ljubljana and Trieste. From 1965–1971 she studied Slavic Languages and Literature, and Romance Languages and Literature in Zürich, Paris and St. Petersburg, and in 1971 she was awarded a doctorate for her dissertation on the 'Theme of Loneliness in Russian Literature'. Since 1977 she has been a lecturer at the University of Zürich, and also a freelance writer, translator and journalist (for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Die Zeit etc). She lives in Zürich.

Ilma Rakusa ist eine schweizer Schriftstellerin und Übersetzerin. Sie wurde in der Slowakei, in Rimavská Sobota, geboren. Ihre Mutter war Ungarin, ihr Vater Slowene, daher verbrachte sie ihre Kindheit in Budapest, Ljubljana und Triest. Von 1965-1971 studierte Rakusa Slawistik und Romanistik in Zürich, Paris und St. Petersburg. 1971 erhielt sie ihren Doktortitel für die Dissertation über "Das Thema Einsamkeit in der russischen Literatur". Seit 1977 ist sie Dozentin an der Universität Zürich und freie Schriftstellerin, Übersetzerin und Journalistin (für die NZZ). Sie lebt in Zürich.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmerin der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Mathias Rambaud

Mathias Rambaud has been living in Ljubljana for more than 15 years and is the cultural attaché at the French Institute of Slovenia. He has recently published his first novel: “Le Livre des séjours et des lieux” (Arléa, 2015).

Mathias Rambaud wohnt seit über 15 Jahren in Ljubljana, Slowenien wo er Kulturattaché des französischen Kulturinstituts ist. Er hat vor kurzem seinen ersten Roman, “Le Livre des séjours et des lieux” (Arléa, 2015), herausgebracht.

Leif Randt

b. 1983, is a German writer. His multi award-winning utopia of prosperity Schimmernder Dunst über Coby County establishes him among the style and trend-setting German-speaking writers.
“As if the Star Wars inventor, George Lucas, compiled a novel with Jürgen Habermas, Germany’s most brilliant sociologist. Unbelievably attuned to the zeitgeist. You could [...] dance to this novel.”
Denis Scheck, ttt - titel, thesen, temperamente

Christoph Ransmayr

Christoph Ransmayr
b. 1954, is an Austrian writer. After spending many years in Ireland and on travels, he now lives again in Vienna. He has won numerous literary awards for his books that were translated into more than thirty languages. Recently published: Der Fallmeister. Eine kurze Geschichte vom Töten, 2021.

Ransmayr recounts expeditions, adventures, journeys and unheard-of events to uncover in them not the unique, but the most general aspect: that nothing is permanent and certainly nothing lasts for ever.
Hubert Spiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Manca G. Renko

Manca G. Renko (1988), Slovenian historian (19th and 20th century European and Russian history) and the editor-in-chief of the AirBeletrina literary journal, published by Beletrina Academic Press. She also writes articles, reviews and essays for various publications and occasionally works as a translator.

Manca G. Renko (1988), ist eine slowenischen Historikerin, sie hat sich auf die europäische und russische Geschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhundert spezialisiert. Renko ist Chefredakteurin des Literaturjournals AirBeletrina und schreibt für diverse andere Publikationen Artikel, Rezensionen, Essays und gelegentlich Übersetzungen.

Kathrin Resetarits

Kathrin Resetarits, b. 1973, is an Austrian director, actress, writer and literary advisor. She is artistic assistant for Michael Haneke and teaches screenwriting and dramaturgy at the Film Academy Vienna.

Dan Richards

Dan Richards, b. 1982, is a British writer who has been on expeditions on the trail of mountaineers and the great names in nature writing. He is the author of Holloway (with Robert Macfarlane) and Climbing Days. Recently published: Outpost, A Journey to the Wild Ends of the Earth, 2020.
“There is a special magic in Richards’ nature descriptions … He has written a fine meditation on our search for spaces that let us find something unexpected in us about ourselves and allow us to develop a new relationship to the natural world.”

Jürgen Ritte

Jürgen Ritte, born 1956, German-French literary scholar and translator. He works at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris.

Jürgen Ritte, geboren 1956, deutsch-französischer Literaturwissenschafter und Übersetzer. Er arbeitet an der Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris.

Jaroslav Rudiš

b. 1972, is a Czech writer, screenplay author and playwright. His Grand Hotel and his graphic novel Alois Nebel have been made into films. Rudiš held the Siegfried Unseld Guest Professorship at Berlin Humboldt University. He was awarded the Usedom Literature Prize for his literary work.
“Jaroslav Rudiš – probably the most interesting Czech contemporary writer for a long while – also seems in his novel (Vom Ende des Punks in Helsinki) to be fascinated by German history and contemporary affairs.”
Marko Martin / Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Gerhard Ruiss

Gerhard Ruiss, b. 1951 in Ziersdorf/Lower Austria, writer, musician, Managing Director of IG Autorinnen Autoren. Author of literary guides and works of non-fiction and literary publications. Awards: 2012 professional title of “Professor”, 2013 Wolfgang Lorenz Gedenkpreis für internetfreie Minuten, 2014 Medal of the Austrian Book Trade of Special Merit for the Book.

Gerhard Ruiss wurde 1051 in Ziersdorf/Niederösterreich geboren. Er ist Schriftsteller, Musiker und leitender Geschäftsfühere der IG Autorinnen Autoren. Er schreibt literarischer Leitfäden, Sachbücher sowie literarische Arbeiten. Auszeichnungen: 2013 Wolfgang Lorenz Gedenkpreis für internetfreie Minuten, 2014 Medaille des Österreichischen Buchhandels für besondere Verdienste um das Buch.

Dirk Rumberg

Dirk Rumberg, born 1963, German management consultant and literary agent. He is general manager of Ultreya GmbH.

Dirk Rumberg, geboren 1963, Deutscher Unternehmensberater (Medienbranche) und Literaturagent. Er ist Geschäftsführer der Ultreya GmbH.

Răzvan Rădulescu

Răzvan Rădulescu, b. 1969, is a Romanian screenwriter and novelist. He teaches dramaturgy at the Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe and York University in Toronto. His novel Theodosius, the Small was awarded the 2011 European Literature Prize.

Massimo Salgaro

Massimo Salgaro is a “Ricercatore” at the Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere at the University of Verona. His specialist interests are literature and science as well as cognitive poetics. Salgaro also works as a fellow at the Institute for advanced study in Paris.

Theresa Schilhab

Theresa Schillab is an educational scientist at Aarhus University. Her specialist research interests are the philosophy of science, communicative behaviour and the neurosciences.

Ana Schnabl

Ana Schnabl is an aspiring writer, cultural journalist and critic. She writes for several different Slovenian publications and new media, mostly about literature, life and the spaces where those two intersect. Besides cerebral activities, she is deeply engaged with yoga, swimming and planning travels she never realizes later.

Ana Schnabl ist eine aufstrebende Schriftstellerin, Kulturjournalistin und Kritikerin. Sie schreibt für mehrere slowenische Publikationen und Neue Medien - meist über Literatur, Leben und deren Schnittpunkte. Neben geistigen Tätigkeiten, ist sie viel mit Yoga, Schwimmen und Reiseplanungen, die nie umgesetzt werden, beschäftigt.

André Schreuders

André Schreuders, b. 1967, is a Dutch director, screenwriter, camera man and publisher. His company AS Film produces low-budget films. He is working on a book about Daniil Charms.

Richard Schuberth

Richard Schuberth, born 1968, writes essays, satires, plays, screenplays, songs and academic papers. He is also a cartoonist, was artistic director of the music festival Balkan Fever, has had appearances as DJ and actor. Chronik einer fröhlichen Verschwörung is his first novel.

Richard Schuberth, Jahrgang 1968, schreibt Essays, Satiren, Theaterstücke, Drehbücher, Songs und wissenschaftliche Texte. Darüber hinaus ist er Cartoonist, war Intendant des Musikfestivals Balkan Fever und als Schauspieler und DJ tätig. 2014 erschien Das neue Wörterbuch des Teufels. Chronik einer fröhlichen Verschwörung ist sein erster Roman.

Participant of the European Literature Days 2015.
Teilnehmer der Europäischen Literaturtage 2015.

Sam Sedgman

Sam Sedgman is a writer, editor and digital content producer based in London. He was the Digital Producer and Editor at Free Word Centre until January 2015. He has previously worked in the digital media team of the National Theatre, and as a freelance content producer for arts organisations up and down the country. He also edits the London Playwrights Blog.

Sam Sedgman ist Schriftsteller und Redakteur in London. Er war bis Januar 2015 Digitaler Produzent und Redakteur bei Free Word Centre. Zuvor arbeitete er im Digitale Medien Team des National Theatre und als freiberuflicher Contentproduzent für Kunstbetriebe im ganzen Land. Außerdem gehört er zum Kernteam des London Playwrights Blog.

Clemens Setz

Clemens Setz, geb. 1982, ist eine österreichischer Schriftsteller. Sein Werk wurde u.a. mit dem Preis der Leipziger Buchmesse und dem Wilhelm-Raabe-Literaturpreis ausgezeichnet. Zuletzt erschienen: Der Trost runder Dinge, 2019.
„Kaum einem Schriftsteller gelingen so fantastische Verschaltungen von Organischem und Mechanischem, Belebtem und Unbelebten.“
Jutta Person, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Clemens Setz, b. 1982, is an Austrian writer. His work has won accolades including the Leipzig Book Fair Prize and the Wilhelm Raabe Literature Prize. Latest publication: Der Trost runder Dinge, 2019.
“Hardly any other writer succeeds with such fantastic interconnections of the organic and mechanical, the animate and inanimate.”
Jutta Person, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Elif Shafak

b. 1971, is a Turkish writer. Born in Strasbourg as the daughter of Turkish parents, she spent her childhood and youth in Spain; she studied political science at Middle East Technical University and now lives in London. She is among the most popular female authors in Turkey. Her books have been translated into more than 40 languages. Winner of the Austrian Book Trade Prize.
“For the Spiegel, Elif Shafak is the ‘emotional voice of a divided nation’, for the NZZ she is the ‘foremost feminine voice of Turkish contemporary literature’. In The Independent the author was called ‘the voice of Turkish literature’, and in The New York Times she is known as the ‘most prominent feminist literary voice of Turkey’.”

Elisa Shua Dusapin

Elisa Shua Dusapin
b. 1992, is a Swiss writer who grew up with her French father and South Korean mother in Paris, Seoul and Porrentruy. She currently lives in Switzerland. She has won several prizes including the Swiss Literature Award. Published in German: Ein Winter in Sokcho, 2018.

Elisa Shua Dusapin has written an enchanting novel full of mirrored reflections about a resistant outer world and an inner world that is difficult to reach. And all of this in a wintry, sparse prose that rarely psychologizes and leaves plenty of free space between the words.

Nicola Solomon

Nicola Solomon has been the Chief Executive of the Society of Authors since March 2011. Her role includes protecting authors' interests in negotiations/disputes with publishers and agents, advising on tax, privacy etc and campaigning for authors’ rights, including copyright, e-book rights, Public Lending Right, defamation reforms and freedom of speech. Nicola is a solicitor who was previously in private practice, specialising in intellectual property and media law. Nicola has an in depth knowledge of the publishing industry and the many associated legal areas, from copyright and defamation, to privacy, data protection and contract. She is a board member of the International Authors’ Forum and the British Copyright Council. She is also a Deputy District Judge.

Nicola Solomon ist seit 2011 Geschäftsführerin der britischen Autorenvereinigung. Sie ist u.a. zuständig für den Schutz von Autoreninteressen gegenüber Verlagen und Literaturagenten, die Beratung in Steuerfragen und für Kampagnen über Autorenrechte betreffend Copyright und E-Book, öffentliche Buchausleihen, Schutz gegen Diffamierungen und die Freiheit des Wortes. Davor arbeitete Nicola Salomon als Rechtsanwältin und war spezialisiert auf das Gebiet Schutz des geistigen Eigentums und Mediengesetze. Sie ist beratendes Mitglied des Internationalen Autorenforums und des British Copyright Council.

Brittani Sonnenberg

Brittani Sonnenberg, born 1981, US american novelist.

Brittani Sonnenberg, geboren 1981, US amerikanische Schriftstellerin.

Tilman Spengler

Tilman Spengler, geb. 1947, ist deutscher Sinologe, Schriftsteller und Journalist. Neben seiner akademischen Tätigkeit publiziert er u.a. regelmäßig in der Zeit, in Geo und der Woche. Er gilt als China-Experte und ist Politikberater. Seit 2009 moderiert er in BR-alpha die Reihe "Klassiker der Weltliteratur".
„Wenn es um China geht, dann fragt man ihn: Der Schriftsteller Tilman Spengler liefert Expertise jenseits des Tunnelblicks.“
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Tilman Spengler, b. 1947, is a German sinologist, writer and journalist. In addition to his academic activities, he publishes regular articles in Die Zeit, Geo and Die Woche. He is a respected expert on China and a political advisor. He has been a presenter since 2009 of the series “Classics of World Literature” on ARD-alpha (formerly BR-alpha).
“If you want to know about China, then just ask him: the writer Tilman Spengler offers expertise that goes beyond tunnel vision.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Filip Springer

Filip Springer, b. 1982, is a Polish writer and photographer. He publishes in various Polish magazines. His debut Miedzianka: Story of Disappearing was shortlisted for the Ryszard Kapuściński Award for Literary Reportage. Published in German: Kupferberg, 2020.
“Filip Springer has unearthed Kupferberg/Miedzianka by means of reportage. He lets the small town, established in the 13th century, re-emerge with great intensity. What has emerged is the precise, laconic story of a disappearance.”
Cord Aschenbrenner, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Andrzej Stasiuk

b. 1960 in Warsaw, is a Polish writer. His multi award-winning work (recently in 2016 the Austrian State Prize for European Literature) has been published in 30 countries. His most recent book The East is a result of his travels and writing from Poland via Russia as far as China.
“No better, more frightening and intelligent book has been written about totalitarianism and utopia in the 20th century.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

Michael Stavarič

Michael Stavarič, b. 1972 in Brno, Czech Republic, is an Austrian writer. He studied Czech studies and journalism and was a lecturer for inline skating at the Centre for Sport Science and University Sports of the University of Vienna. Recently published: Fremdes Licht, 2020.
“Cryogenic sleep, Fridtjof Nansen and the world exhibition in Chicago: the Austrian-Czech writer Michael Stavarič has created a literary goodie bag.”
Linda Stift, Die Presse

Carmen Stephan

Carmen Stephan, b. 1974, is a German writer, after several years in Rio de Janeiro she now lives in Geneva. She was awarded the Literature Prize by the Jürgen Ponto Foundation.

Yania Suárez Calleyro

Yania Suárez Calleyro, born 1975, ist a Cuban writer. Graduated in philology from Havana’s University and Master of Arts from Western-Ontario University, she has worked as literature’s professor and collaborated with several magazines and newspapers. As result of her fictional work, she has published a national awarded book “Usted tiene derecho a hacer silencio”, and many short histories and essays in nationals and internationals magazines. By many years Yania Suárez also has studied the work of Jorge Luis Borges, in general, and in relation with Paul Valéry. After struggling with the censorship in her country - which included the publication of a book and her job as University professor spoiled - she started her career as journalist in independent newspapers from the Cuban exile and from the “inxile”, like “Diario de Cuba” and “14ymedio”. With them she collaborates until the present day. She lives in Havana.

Yania Suárez Calleyro, geboren 1975, ist eine kubanische Schriftstellerin und Journalistin. Sie studierte in Havanna und Kanada, arbeitete als Literaturprofessorin und kollaborierte mit verschiedenen Zeitschriften und Zeitungen. Sie veröffentlichte Kurzgeschichten und Aufsätze. Seit vielen Jahren studiert Yania Suárez Calleyro die Arbeiten von Jorge Luis Borges, sowohl im Allgemeinen als auch speziell in Bezug auf Paul Valéry. Nach Problemen mit der kubanischen Zensur arbeitet sie für unabhängige Zeitungen wie Diario de Cuba und 14ymedio aus dem kubanischen Exil.

László Szabolcs

László Szabolcs, born 1987 in Romania. Studies in Bucharest and Budapest. Short stories, essays, translations from Romanian and English, reviews for literary journals. Editor for Central European University Press and member of the József Attila Circle (JAK).

László Szabolcs, 1987 in Rumänien geboren, studierte in Bukarest und Budapest. Er schreibt Kurzgeschichten, Essays, Literaturkritiken und Übersetzungen aus dem Rumänischen ins Englische. Außerdem ist er Redakteur bei der Central European University Pres und Mitglied des József Attila Kreis (JAK).

Cornelia Travnicek

b. 1987, is an Austrian writer. She studied sinology and computer science at the University of Vienna. In addition to her activities as an author she is also a researcher at the Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung in Vienna. She was honoured with the Recognition Award of the State of Lower Austria for her debut novel Chucks. At the Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur in Klagenfurt in 2012 she received the Audience Award for her work Junge Hunde. The film version of her debut novel Chucks won the Audience Award at the Montréal World Film Festival.
“Poetic, laconic and unsentimental. […] A formidable talent.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Ilija Trojanow

Ilija Trojanow, b. 1965, is a German writer, translator and publisher. He is a native of Bulgaria; he has lived in Kenya, India, France, South Africa, Germany and currently in Vienna. His novels have received numerous accolades. He is among the supporters of the Charter of Digital Basic Rights of the European Union that was published at the end of November 2016. Since April 2017, Trojanow is an honorary assessor in the Presidency of the PEN Centre Germany.

Veronika Trubel

Veronika Trubel, born 1968, journalist, writer, communication coach and pedagogue. She is director of eljub European Literature Youth Exchanges.

Veronika Trubel, geboren 1968, Journalistin, Autorin, Kommunikationstrainerin und Pädagogin. Leiterin der Europäischen Literatur-Jugendbegegnungen.

Gorazd Trušnovec

Gorazd Trušnovec (b. 1973) has obtained an engineer's degree from Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, but is better known as film critic, essayist and screenwriter. He is experienced in the publishing field and was for six years an editor-in-chief of Ekran, the leading national magazine for film and television. He regularly contributes film criticism, essays and reviews to several Slovenian publications, attends film festivals (also as jury member) and is the president of Ljubljana based Urban Beekeeping Society.

Gorazd Trušnovec, geboren 1973, hat ein Architekturstudium in Ljubljana abgeschlossen. Bekannt ist er als Drehbuchautor, Filmkritiker und Essayist. Er war sechs jahre lang Chefredakteur von Ekran, der in Slowenien führenden Zeitschrift für Film und Fernsehen. Er schreibt regelmäßig Filmkritiken und ist Präsident der Urban Beekeeping Society in Ljubljana.

(b. 1973) has obtained an engineer's degree from Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, but is better known as film critic, essayist and screenwriter. He is experienced in the publishing field and was for six years an editor-in-chief of Ekran, the leading national magazine for film and television. He regularly contributes film criticism, essays and reviews to several Slovenian publications, attends film festivals (also as jury member) and is the president of Ljubljana based Urban Beekeeping Society.

Eszter Ureczky

Eszter Ureczky (born 1984) is a lecturer at the Department of British Studies of the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen, Hungary. Her main teaching and research areas include contemporary British fiction, especially the representation of disease in fiction and film, biopolitics, and food studies. She has written various articles and reviews for Műút, Prizma, Alföld, Studia Litteraria, and Hungarian Literature Online. Eszter Ureczky lehrt am Institut für Anglistik an der Universität Debrecen. Ihr Schwerpunkt ist zeitgenössische britische Literatur, sie beschäftigt sich mit Krankheit in Literatur und Film, Biopolitik und Ernährungswissenschaften. Ihre Artikel und Rezensionen erscheinen in Műút, Prizma, Alföld, Studia Litteraria, and Hungarian Literature Online.

Adriaan van der Wheel

Adriaan van der Wheel is Professor in Book History at Leiden University/ NL. He is Director of the E-READ research initiative.

Lise Vandborg

Lise Vandborg, journalist and cand.mag in Scandinavian Language and Literature and philosophy. Since 2003 editor-in-chief at (Literature site) - the libraries site about literature. From 2000-2002 consultant at Nordic Literature and Library cooperation (The Nordic Council of Ministers).

Lise Vandborg ist Journalistin mit einem Master of Arts in Skandinavistik, Literatur und Philosophie. Seit 2003 ist sie Chefredakteurin von der Literaturwebsite Von 2000 bis 2002 war sie Beraterin bei der Nordischen Literature und Bibliotheken Kooperation.

Annelies Verbeke

Annelies Verbeke , geb. 1976, ist eine flämische Schriftstellerin. Sie publiziert Romane, Kurzgeschichten, Theaterstücke und Drehbücher. Zuletzt auf Deutsch erschienen: Dreißig Tage, 2019
„‘Dreißig Tage‘ ist ein Dialog mit unseren seltsamen, unerbitterlichen Zeiten. Lest es langsam. Legt es beiseite. Lest es noch einmal.“
David van Reybrouck

Annelies Verbeke , b. 1976, is a Flemish writer. She publishes novels, short stories, plays and screenplays. Her most recent book in German: Dreißig Tage, 2019
“‘Dreißig Tage’ is a dialogue with our strange, unrelenting times. Read it slowly. Put it to one side. Read it again.”
David van Reybrouck

Peter Vermeersch

Peter Vermeersch is professor of political science at the University of Leuven. Previously he was, among others, a postdoctoral researcher of the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research (FWO-Vlaanderen) and a visiting scholar at Harvard University.

Julia von Lucadou

Julia von Lucadou, geb. 1982, ist eine deutsche Schriftstellerin, die in der Schweiz lebt. Sie arbeitete als Regieassistentin, Redakteurin beim Fernsehen und als Simulationspatientin. Zuletzt erschienen: Die Hochhausspringerin, 2018.
"Dieser Roman geht uns nah, weil er uns nicht nur zeigt, wohin wir in unserer digitalisierten Welt geraten könnten, sondern weil er uns erzählt, wo wir bereits sind."
Manfred Papst, NZZ am Sonntag

Julia von Lucadou, b. 1982, is a German writer living in Switzerland. She worked as an assistant producer, television editor and as a simulated patient. Recent publication: Die Hochhausspringerin, 2018.
“This novel touches us, because it not only shows us where we could get to in our digitized world, but because it tells us where we are already.”
Manfred Papst, NZZ am Sonntag

Ariadne von Schirach

Ariadne von Schirach, b. 1978, is a German writer and philosopher. She teaches philosophy and Chinese thought at the Berlin University of the Arts, Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK) and the Danube University Krems. Recently published: Die psychotische Gesellschaft. Wie wir Angst und Ohnmacht überwinden, 2019.
“‘The Psychotic Society’ by Ariadne von Schirach is a fascinating and smart analysis of our commercialized society and at the same time a passionate plea for a different approach to nature, humanity and love.”
Kolibri Magazin

Judith Vonberg

Judith Vonberg is a freelance journalist and PhD student at the University of East Anglia. Her thesis surveys the depictions of Britons and Germans in popular culture between 1945 and 1965. She graduated from Oxford University in 2011 with a degree in English and Modern Languages and received her MA from Queen Mary, University of London, in 2013. As a journalist, she writes on European culture, migration and national identity. You can read her blog here.

Judith Vonberg ist freiberufliche Journalistin und Doktorandin an der University of East Anglia. In ihrer Dissertation behandelt sie die Darstellung der Briten und Deutschen in der Populärkultur zwischen 1945 und 1965. 2011 beendete sie ihr Studium an der Oxford University mit Abschüssen in Englisch und Modernen Sprachen. Ihren Master absolvierte sie 2013 an Queen Mary, University of London. Als Journalistin schreibt sie über europäische Kultur, Migration und nationale Zugehörigkeit. Lesen Sie hier Judith Vonbergs Blog.

Najem Wali

Najem Wali
b. 1956, is an Iraqi writer who lives in Germany. He is a regular contributor to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Die Zeit. He was awarded the Bruno Kreisky Prize for his engagement. Recently published in German: Soad und das Militär, 2021.
“Najem Wali has something that eludes most opponents of the Middle East conflict: empathy and the willingness to see things from the adversary’s viewpoint as well.”
Klara Obermüller, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Sophie Wardell

Sophie Wardell - Programme Producer, Free Word. Sophie graduated in English Literature from Exeter University and began work as box office manager of a major Edinburgh Fringe Festival theatre venue. She moved to the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in Bristol in the ‘Knowledge Transfer’ team and worked on projects to take humanities research outside of University contexts into business and the creative industries. In 2010 Sophie began work in the Literature team at the British Council, and for the last two years Sophie has delivered an international programme of literature activities, author events, workshops, seminars, residencies and spoken word programmes. Sophie worked on partnerships and programmes across EU Europe, Wider Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, and managed a number of key projects including literature activity around the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the current World War One literature centenary programme. Sophie is now Programme Producer at Free Word Center, since April 2015.

Sophie Wardell - Programmgestaltung, Free Word Center. Sophie schloss das Studium der Englischen Literatur an der Exeter University. Sie arbeitete unter anderem im Literatur Team des British Council. Sie entwickelte Partnerschaften und Programme in ganz Europe, Sub-Sahara Afrika und in der Karibik. Derzeit ist sie Programmgestalterin beim Free Word Center.

Andreas Weber

Andreas Weber, b. 1967, is a German biologist, bio-semiotician, philosopher and publicist. He teaches at the University of Fine Arts Berlin and writes, among others, for GEO, National Geographic and DIE ZEIT. Recently published: Indigenialität, 2018.
“Weber’s book is the convincing counterpart to biology, which subordinates nature to the ubiquitous efficiency-mentality, that only feigns objectivity.”
Frank Kaspar, WDR 3

Birgit Weyhe

Birgit Weyhe, b. 1969, is a German comic artist, illustrator and author of graphic novels. She spent her childhood and youth in the East African countries of Uganda and Kenya. In her semi-autobiographical works Birgit Weyhe combines the style of the European comic avantgarde with African form language. In 2015 Birgit Weyhe received the first German Comic Book Award of the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung for Madgermanes.

Birgit Weyhe, geb. 1969, ist eine deutsche Comiczeichnerin, Illustratorin und Autorin von Graphic Novels. Sie verbrachte ihre Kindheit und Jugend in den ostafrikanischen Ländern Uganda und Kenia. In ihren teils autobiografischen Arbeiten verbindet Birgit Weyhe den Stil der europäischen Comic-Avantgarde mit afrikanischer Formensprache. Für Madgermanes wurde Birgit Weyhe 2015 mit dem ersten Deutschen Comicbuchpreis der Berthold Leibinger Stiftung ausgezeichnet.

Rüdiger Wischenbart

Rüdiger Wischenbart, born 1956, austrian journalist and expert in the field of international bookmarkets.

Rüdiger Wischenbart, geboren 1956, österreichischer Journalist und Buchmarktexperte.

Iris Wolff

Iris Wolff, geb. 1977 in Siebenbürgen, ist eine deutsche Schriftstellerin. Sie war langjährige Mitarbeiterin des Deutschen Literaturarchivs Marbach. Zuletzt erschienen: So tun, als ob es regne, 2017.
„Dieser Roman ist eine ganz wunderbare Geschichte über das seltsam spannungsvolle Verhältnis zwischen Heimat und Freiheit, das vor allem Menschen gut kennen, die auf ihren persönlichen Landkarten weite Strecken zurücklegen.“
Paulus Hochgatterer, Laudation Literaturpreis Alpha 2018

Iris Wolff, b. 1977 in Transylvania, is a German writer. She worked for many years at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach. Her most recent book: So tun, als ob es regnet, 2017.
“This novel is a wonderful story about the curiously tense relationship between home and freedom, which is particularly familiar to those who travel far on their personal maps.”
Paulus Hochgatterer, laudatio speech for the Literaturpreis Alpha 2018

Renata Zamida

Renata Zamida ist Mittarbeiterin der Slowenischen Buchagentur, die vom Kulturministäriums zur Förderung des Buchwesen in Slowenien gegrundet wurde und auch für die Presentation der Slowenischen Literatur im Ausland sorgt. Sie ist bei der Buchagentur für den internationalen Bereich zuständig und leitet das Projekt Slowenien- Ehrengast der Frankfurter Buchmesse. Bis 2016 arbeitete sie zehn Jahre als Mangerin für Internationales Recht bei dem Verlag Beletrina in Ljubljana. Sie hat die E-Book Verkaufs- und Leihplattform Biblos mitentwickelt, die als europäisches Vorbild für die Verleihung von E-Books in öffentlichen Bibliotheken ist und zudem die Hauptplattform für E-Books in Slowenien. Sie ist auch im Vorstand der Slowenischen Buchmesse aktiv und betreut dort das Gastland Programm.

Renata Zamida works for the Slovenian Book Agency, established by the Ministry of Culture to develop and enhance the publishing and bookseller perspectives in Slovenia, also in charge for the promotion of Slovenian literature abroad. She has been working for Beletrina Academic Press in Ljubljana for ten years, until 2016, as Foreign Rights Manager. She has also co-developed the e-book lending and selling platform Biblos - an European role model lending system for e-books in public libraries and the main platform for e-books in Slovenian. She is also active in the advisory and management board of the Slovenian book fair, responsible for the Guest of honour countries

Mischa Zickler

Mischa Zickler s an Austrian writer and television producer. He was head of programmes for the radio service FM4, director of shows by Stermann & Grissemann and worked for RTL, ProSieben and recently as head of entertainment for SAT.1.

Christian Zillner

Christian Zillner, geb. 1959 in Dornbirn, Dr. phil, Maler, Schreiber, Redakteur und Philosoph. Lebt in Wien. Ausstellungen u.a. Oslo, Budapest, Rom, Wien, Dornbirn. Bücher: Spiegelfeld Versepos (Österreichisches Nationalepos) I bis VIII; Gedichtbände: escapism; rutum erat; Aus dem Schlaf erwacht, verlassen; Aus dem Alltag (mit Nora Fuchs)
Christian Zillner, (b. 1959 in Dornbirn) Dphil, painter, writer, editor and philosopher. Lives in Vienna. Exhibitions incl. in Oslo, Budapest, Rome, Vienna, Dornbirn. Books: Spiegelfeld verse epic (Austrian national epic-poem) vols. I to VIII; poetry editions: escapism; rutum erat; Aus dem Schlaf erwacht, verlassen; Aus dem Alltag (with Nora Fuchs).

Peter Zimmermann

Peter Zimmermann, born 1961, is an Austrian writer and journalist. He works for the Austrian broadcasting corporation (ORF).

Peter Zimmermann, 1961 geboren, ist ein österreichischer Schriftsteller und Journalist. Er arbeitet für den ORF.

Miek Zwamborn

Miek Zwamborn, b. 1974, is a Dutch writer, translator and artist. She worked as a lock keeper; she walks in the mountains and currently lives on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. Recently published in German: Algen (ed. Judith Schalansky), 2018.
“In her impressive novel ‘Wir sehen uns am Ende der Welt’, Miek Zwamborn successfully creates touching and very precise pictures of a search for clues in which everything is connected with everything else and even the smallest changes are significant.”
Martin Zingg, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Elisabeth Åsbrink

b. 1965, is a Swedish writer, journalist and television producer. She works for Sweden’s most popular radio programme Sommar on P1. She won the August Prize in 2011 for the best non-fiction book of the year for And in Wienerwald the trees are still standing.
“Elisabeth Åsbrink conducts a moral and political regeneration of our life and times in which the past assists.”
Dagens Nyheter

Mathias Énard

Mathias Énard, b. 1972, is a French writer and translator. He studied art history and oriental languages, and after longer periods living in the Middle East, he is now based in Barcelona where he teaches Arabic. In 2008 he was awarded the Prix Décembre in France for his work Zone and the Inter Book Prize in 2009; in Germany, he received the German-French Prix Candide 2008. In 2015 he won the Prix Goncourt for his novel Boussole which focuses on reciprocal cultural enrichment of West and East.

Mathias Énard, geb. 1972, ist ein französischer Schriftsteller und Übersetzer. Er studierte Kunstgeschichte und orientalische Sprachen und lebt, nach längeren Aufenthalten im Nahen Osten, heute in Barcelona, wo er Arabisch lehrt. Für Zone erhielt er in Frankreich 2008 den Prix Décembre und 2009 den Prix du Livre Inter, sowie in Deutschland den deutsch-französischen Candide Preis 2008. 2015 wurde er mit für den Roman Boussole mit dem Prix Goncourt ausgezeichnet. Der Roman thematisiert die gegenseitige kulturelle Befruchtung von Orient und Okzident.

Hanne Ørstavik

b. 1969, is a Norwegian writer and is regarded as a master of minimalism. She has a wide readership and has won numerous literature prizes. Her novel Love has so far been translated into eleven languages.
“Hanne Ørstavik has an almost uncanny talent for finding words for thought- and feeling fragments – she is Norway’s most interesting female writer.”
Dagens Næringsli

Ivica Đikić

Ivica Đikić, b. 1976, is a Croatian writer and journalist for daily and weekly press. A film adaptation has been produced of his debut novel Circus Columbia. Đikić writers the screenplay for the Netflix series The Paper.

Alen Širca

Alen Širca (1981) is a literary historian, philosopher and translator. He is primarily enagaged in researching premodern European literature, philosophy, and spirituality.

Alen Širca (1981) ist Literaturhistoriker, Philosoph und Übersetzer. Er forscht in erster Linie in den Bereichen prämoderner Europäische Literatur, Philosophie und Spiritualität.

Aleš Šteger

Aleš Šteger is a poet, essayist and novelist, writing in Slovenian. Štegers books have been translated into 16 languages and his poems appeared in internationally renown magazines and newspapers as The New Yorker, Die Zeit, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, TLS and many others.

Aleš Šteger ist ein slowenischer Dichter, Essayist und Romanautor. Seine Bücher wurden in 16 Sprachen übersetzt und seine Gedichte zahlreichen bekannten Magazinen und Zeitungen wie The New Yorker, Die Zeit, NZZ, TLS etc. veröffentlicht.

Jasmila Žbanić

Jasmila Žbanić, b. 1974, is a Bosnian director and screenwriter. She worked as a puppeteer in the US and founded a film production
company in Sarajevo. In 2006, her feature film Esmas Geheimnis – Grbavica won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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