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WRITERS VS. BARBARIANS - 90 years of Serbian PEN center and (self)censorship

Veröffentlicht von Saša Ilić | | abgelegt unter: ,

Back in 1985, at the international conference in Budapest organised by the Federation for Human Rights, Danilo Kiš read his short, memorable essay on censorship. The author described it as a ...

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Vote of No Confidence in Fiction

Veröffentlicht von Rainer Moritz | | abgelegt unter: ,

For several years, a notable trend has become evident in (West-)European literature for no-holds-barred autobiographical texts. Previously, in novels the point was often ...

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This lack of art and this lack of humanity

Veröffentlicht von A.L.Kennedy | | abgelegt unter:

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 – New French Literature 1

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

France is the 2017 Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Writers from the Francophone world are invited for the occasion, in particular those from the former colonies...

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Iceland Noir – Iceland’s Festival of Crime Fiction

Veröffentlicht von West Camel | | abgelegt unter: ,

Iceland has no dialects. This – for a native English-speaker like myself – is the surprising fact that emerges from one of the final panel discussions at 2016’s Iceland Noir The nominees for the ...

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Double nationalité

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

The subject of national identity is a slow-burner in France. It came to light again during the Republicans’ primaries when François Fillon was chosen as the right-wing candidate for the 2017...

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AmazonCrossing: Where fiction in translation is thriving

Veröffentlicht von Judith Vonberg | | abgelegt unter: ,

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 has just finished. At the event a year ago, Amazon pledged $10 million of funding for one of its trade imprints, AmazonCrossing, which commissions and publishes novels...

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French Literature Prizes Go to Women

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

This year a breath of fresh air circulated around the award of literature prizes in France. The good news: the accolades went to a high number of young female writers. The bad news: small publishers ...

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Literaturhaus Europa: Literatur Trends 2016

Veröffentlicht von Walter Grond | | abgelegt unter: ,

Literaturhaus Europa präsentiert zum zweiten Mal eine pointierte und kurzweilige Zusammenfassung der Jahrestätigkeit des Observatoriums der Europäischen Gegenwartsliteratur...

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