Laurent Binet

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Laurent Binet is among the most successful French writers of his generation. His latest novel earned instant acclaim with two important prizes in 2015. In 2010 he was awarded the accolade of the ...

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The Comic Discovers Its Heritage/ Der Comic entdeckt seine Geschichte

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One more time, Corto Maltese, the sea captain with no home port and the anarchist without championing the cause of anarchy, rushes into his exhilarating adventures, taking him from the South Seas to ...

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E-book Subscription models: What works for the readers drags down the business (Proved by Oyster and Scribd)

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When we got used to e-book selling and started to talk about e-book lending, almost immediately commercial lending platforms in the shape of various subscription models appeared – not only in the US ...

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Non sequitur. News from today/ Kurz. Neuigkeiten von der Gegenwart

Veröffentlicht von Pierre Alféri | | abgelegt unter: ,

Lecture of Pierre Alféri (Paris). The keynote lecture of the International Literature Festival Erich Fried 2015 on the theme of “Facts and Fiction. Literary Reportages”.

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