Bestselling fiction across Europe in 2015

Veröffentlicht von Judith Vonberg | | abgelegt unter: ,

It’s the time of year for lists and there are plenty of them telling us which were the best books of 2015. But what about the books that everyone was reading? Which novels were the most popular ...

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Writers’ self-help/ Selbsthilfe von Autoren

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: ,

iTunes shows how it’s done. An extensive catalogue of music tracks, games, books and of course Apps is available to users. Anyone who has stored his or her credit card data obtains the desired ...

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Exile as the inexhaustible creative source/ Das Exil als unerschöpfliche kreative Quelle/ المنفى كمكان لا ينضب للإبداع نجم والي

Veröffentlicht von Najem Wali | | abgelegt unter: ,

At all times creative individuals have experienced the hard way that wherever power dominates there is also the force of exile. This dates back as far as Adam and Eve.

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European Literature Trends 2015/ Europäische Literatur Trends 2015

Veröffentlicht von ELit Network | | abgelegt unter: ,

Literature Hous3 Europe: Literature Trends 2015 Eds. Walter Grond and Beat Mazenauer For the first time, the Literaturhaus Europe presents a nuanced and entertaining summary of the annual ...

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“Googling” without Google/ „Googeln“ ohne Google

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: ,

Trapped in its own algorithms Google increasingly turns up exactly what we were expecting anyway. To put it provocatively: Google manages its own knowledge, and anything beyond this goes ...

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Homesickness for Future/ Heimweh nach Zukunft

Veröffentlicht von Herta Müller | | abgelegt unter: ,

Acceptance speech for the award of the Heinrich Böll Prize 2015.

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Re-Book, a European E-book Project for Proposal

Veröffentlicht von Renata Zamida | | abgelegt unter: ,

With the exception of a few countries, European libraries have been slow at adapting to change and modernization. This means that the introduction of e-books is in many libraries merely one of many ...

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Social reading – Quiet reading time together/ Soziales Lesen – Stille Lektüre miteinander

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: ,

There’s something magic about reading. Concentrated reading expands the world of experience and opens up fields of perception that in reality remain closed. Readers experience more than a single life ...

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Migrants in Hungarian literature II: Immigrants

Veröffentlicht von Ágnes Orzóy | | abgelegt unter: ,

In this region, the eastern and southern parts of Europe, borders are very important, because history has always been equivalent here with the shift and change of borders; individual and family ...

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