Only the Narrative is True 1

Fairy tales generally promise a ‘happy ever after’ ending, almost an ‘endless summer’. This is exactly what the title of Madame Nielsen’s novel hints at. However, as with all fairy tales the same caveat applies: ‘If they haven’t died’. In this sense, The Endless Summer will also have an ending.

ELit Book-Tip: Alice Zeniter: “L’art de perdre – The Art of Losing”

“You lose what is not communicated; it’s as simple as that”, according to Alice Zeniter’s fifth novel L’art de perdre – The Art of Losing. However, the 31-year-old writer didn’t wish to make it quite so simple. She traced her Algerian roots and has written a thrilling family saga about the Algerian war and its consequences.

Family Affairs

Families fuel literary inspiration like no other subject. Which youngster hasn’t come into conflict with parent’s values and expectations? Which couple has lived happily ever after without arguments? This is the stuff of books and makes for epic tales and intimate literature.

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