Only the Narrative is True 2

In It's All True by Carmen Stephan the endless summer only lasts a moment. If only he hadn’t died … But Jacaré, the fisherman from north-eastern Brazil, disappears right at the beginning into the ocean waves. Carmen Stephan narrates the story of a long-lost film by Orson Welles. Its title was It's All True...

Only the Narrative is True 1

Fairy tales generally promise a ‘happy ever after’ ending, almost an ‘endless summer’. This is exactly what the title of Madame Nielsen’s novel hints at. However, as with all fairy tales the same caveat applies: ‘If they haven’t died’. In this sense, The Endless Summer will also have an ending.

ELit Book-Tip: Alice Zeniter: “L’art de perdre – The Art of Losing”

“You lose what is not communicated; it’s as simple as that”, according to Alice Zeniter’s fifth novel L’art de perdre – The Art of Losing. However, the 31-year-old writer didn’t wish to make it quite so simple. She traced her Algerian roots and has written a thrilling family saga about the Algerian war and its consequences.

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