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ELit Book Tip: Karim Miské’s Graphiv Novel “N’appartenir”

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic |

It could be his films, books or articles – for Karim Miské, everything revolves around one main question: belonging. From a young age, the son...

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ELit Book Tip: Guy Delisle‘s Bestseller Gracphiv Novel “Hostage”

Veröffentlicht von Christian Gasser | | abgelegt unter: ,

The French-Canadian comic book author Guy Delisle landed a bestseller with his illustrations from international hot spots like “Pyongyang”, “Birma” or “Jerusalem”. In his latest book, “Hostage” he...

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The Unhappy Children of Central Europe

Veröffentlicht von Mark Baczoni | | abgelegt unter: ,

It seems to me that there’s a theme in recent Hungarian literature, the literature of writers who grew up mainly in the seventies, and that is the theme of the unhappy child.

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