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ILIYA TROYANOV – The Charming ‘Collector of Worlds’

Iliya Troyanov was born in Sofia in 1965. Aged six, he and his family fled to Germany where they were granted political asylum. Their journey was the start of a life in many different places: with the family in Kenya, back in Munich for studies, in Mumbai or Cape Town, and repeatedly back in Vienna, where Iliya Troyanov currently lives.

ELit Book-Tip: Imre Oravecz: “A rög gyermekei (Die Kinder der Scholle)”

Imre Oravecz’s third volume of his trilogy A rög gyermekei (Die Kinder der Scholle) has concluded an enterprise that continued for over twenty years. Although the first part of this trilogy was only released in 2007 by the publisher Jelenkor, Oravecz' first book about the inhabitants of Szajla, Halászóember (Der Fischermann) was set in 1998.