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Declaration on the Common Language

Zagreb – Sarajevo – Podgorica – Belgrade

So far, thousands of citizens across the territory of the former Yugoslavia have signed the Declaration on the Common Language. This Declaration ruffled a few feathers in all former Yugoslav republics, being perceived almost as a “coup”. For political elites the Declaration was a hostile gesture, for nationalists a terrible news that needs to be silenced...

ELit Book Tip: Róbert Milbacher’s The Virgin Mary’s Fiancé

Let me develop that thought by looking at another recent Hungarian book, Róbert Milbacher’s The Virgin Mary’s Fiancé. Humour, for me, is almost never absent from life. It’s absent mostly in art – in tragedy, in things we construct, our interpretations of life – but not usually from life itself. Humour is often dark, or bitter, but it’s almost always there. That’s why I love Catch 22 so much...

ELit Book Tip: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal

Sonja Hansen is forty-something, unhappy, single, a Danish translator of Swedish crime novels, living in bustling, modern Copenhagen, originally from remote, rural West Jutland. She decides to learn to drive, in order to...