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Elit Booktip : Marion Messina, Faux Départ

Coming-of-age stories seem to be enjoying a revival. Today, however, education means studying at a university, writing CVs and motivation letters, jobbing under fixed-term contracts and, for those who are lucky enough, working under a permanent contract. Intrinsically, this kind of education isn’t meant to lead to the fulfilment of any young person...

ELit Book-Tip: An Old Man on the Moors

Edward St Aubyn’s “King Lear” Adaptation: “Dunbar und seine Töchter”

In 2016 and to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, the Hogarth Shakespeare Project was launched. Eight renowned writers (male and female) were invited to adapt Shakespeare’s time-honoured plays and translate them into a contemporary setting. In Germany, Munich’s Knaus Verlag accomplished this project and has already presented several of these versions – with varying success – including by Margaret Atwood, Anne Tyler or Howard Jacobson.

ELit Book Tip: Ulli Lust: “How I Tried to Be a Good Person”

Ulli Lust, in her mid-twenties, an aspiring artist in Vienna, is in love with two men: Georg, the 20-year-old actor, with whom things have fizzled out in bed; and Kimata, the Nigerian refugee, with whom she flirts at a party and falls into a madly passionate affair.

ELit Book Tip: Zsófia Bán, Night School

Zsófia Bán’s first prose work, Night School, is being translated by Jim Tucker for upcoming publication in the US. It’s rather an unusual work, defined by its dark humour and subversive blurring of the boundaries between knowledge and fiction.