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ELit Book Tip: Dóra Elekes, Mother and the Ginns

In this book, the Ginns come out of a bottle and never go back in. Instead, they go into the narrator’s alcoholic mother, taking control of her totally. Dóra Elekes’ book is about that experience from the point of view of a young girl growing up beside Mother and the Ginns. And it is precisely this viewpoint that makes the book so special...

ELit Book Tip: Maryam Madjidi, Marx et la poupée

For a long time, Maryam Madjidi, the Franco-Iranian writer, didn’t know how she should narrate her “Persian stories”. Last autumn, the 37-year-old author turned them into a novel. Marx et la poupée about her childhood in Iran, her exile in Paris and life between two cultures received the accolade of the Prix Goncourt for her debut novel.

ELit Book Tip: Lana Lux’s Novel "Kukolka"

When you read enthralling books, there is always this moment when the novel is no longer just a novel. Take for example reading on a train: you look up in amazement to notice that you just missed the stop where you should have alighted. Not because...